Navalny case: EU Parliament member speaks piety

Navalny case: EU Parliament member speaks piety

At the meeting of the European Parliament on February 10, a member of the European Parliament representing Ireland, Ms. Clare Daly criticized Europe’s excessive concern for Russian opposition politician Alexei. Navalny, the man believed to have been attacked with the nerve agent Novichok, was healed by Germany and on his return to Russia was jailed.

Vu Navalny: The EU Consulate Officer speaks a knife
Member of the European Parliament in Ireland Clare Daly

Ms. Daly said that the continual mention of Russia by Russia to arrest Alexei Navalny, demanding the release of this opposition politician is “a sign of the relentless fear of Russia” in Europe.

European officials would not discuss the Russian political activist “if he was arrested anywhere other than Russia,” she commented.

Speaking at a session of the European Parliament, Ms. Daly pointed out that the EU behaves differently on other issues, including WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, who has been detained for 10 years for “exposing it. American war crimes “. Or Catalan rapper Pablo Hasel is jailed in Spain for a lyrics as well.

All of these cases have not received the special attention of the Navalny case and Europe has behaved quite the opposite in similar cases. What Europe has always praised as “democratic”, Daly said, was not in fact.

“The EU is going everywhere telling the rest of the world that they are the defenders of great democracy. In fact, this has nothing to do with democracy” – Ms. Daly said.

Vu Navalny: The EU Consulate Officer speaks a knife
If Navalny was arrested in a country other than Russia, Daly said, Europe would not have supported him so much.

The Irish representative even considered the visit of Joseph Borell, the European Union (EU) Senior Representative for Foreign Policy and Security and the Vice President of the European Commission, to visit Russia and later. returning to Europe refers to Russian sanctions as “hypocrisy”.

“I see the European Parliament is not representing European citizens on some issues” – she said.

As for the origins of Russian phobia, she said it was due to the “identity crisis” in the EU. Separate EU member states like Germany and France have done a lot with the Russians and want to continue doing business. But the military industrial complexes in the country are trying to justify their existence and budget for defense purposes and want to create a “haunted enemy” in Moscow because of that. .

On returning from Moscow last week, Borrell wrote that “Europe and Russia are moving apart. It looks like Russia is slowly disconnecting itself from Europe.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded by saying that this “is the complete opposite of what he said in Moscow” and “means someone is ordering the European Union to behave. with Russia ”.

Subsequently, more than 70 members of the European Parliament signed a letter asking European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to sack Borrell, accusing him of “not supporting the interests and values ​​of the European Union. during his visit “and” seriously damage the reputation of the EU “.

Meanwhile, Russian diplomats said that Borell did not do so in the interests of the EU itself, but because senior EU officials could not control their own views, but were dominated by power is on the other side of the Atlantic.

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