NATO seeks to ignore the Montreaux convention?

NATO seeks to ignore the Montreaux convention?

“NATO naval ships can stay in the waters of the Black Sea permanently, bypassing the current Montreux convention,” said former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Ukrainian Navy Andriy Ryzhenko.

According to Ryzhenko, warships of non-Black Sea countries can stay in the aforementioned waters for a long time, in fact this is about to become a reality when the Istanbul Canal is completed, it should be recalled that Recently, the groundbreaking ceremony of this ambitious project took place.

At the same time, Turkey – the dominant power in this matter does not object to such actions of the North Atlantic Military Alliance, although Ankara is well aware that NATO’s actions create a lot of trouble. for Russia.

“Now we are observing that there are, in fact, concerted actions to ensure that ships from non-Black Sea countries, that are NATO countries like the US, UK… can be present. alternate”.

“Recently the destroyer Laboon entered the Black Sea, carried out missions, met with other ships of other NATO countries, and at the end of her three-week stay she left the Black Sea, but the very next day. Another warship is present,” said the former deputy chief of staff of the Ukrainian Navy.

How can NATO find a way to bypass Montreaux?
NATO battleships

However, experts note that in the coming years, the situation could become even more dangerous, as with the commissioning of the Istanbul Canal, Turkey could change the existing Montreux Convention in a direction benefit NATO countries.

With the “green light” of Turkey, the NATO Navy will no longer be limited to 3 weeks of presence of a warship as before. Although Ankara claims that the scenario of complete rejection from the Montreux convention has not yet been considered.

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