NATO began to send combat forces to Ukraine

NATO began to send combat forces to Ukraine

The Russian news agency Avia-pro recently reported that putting NATO forces in Europe started at the highest level of combat readiness, accompanied by maneuverability. Union military equipment to Europe.

The Ukrainian side announced that so far, most of the NATO forces in Europe have been put in the highest readiness state due to the start of the Russian Army’s deployment in Crimea and they will probably move them. NATO volume to the territory of Ukraine.

According to reports from the Ukrainian media, NATO has put its key combat units on alert in the East and Southeast. According to the data presented, the most active activity was the US troops stationed in Poland and Romania.

“The US headquarters of the European Armed Forces put the military on top combat readiness after the Donbas occupiers violated the ceasefire and killed four Ukrainian soldiers. the time Russia began to draw troops to the border with Ukraine “, noting that the NATO Army could be stationed near the Crimean peninsula.

NATO initiated the conflict of arms in Ukraine
US and other NATO countries began moving closer to Ukraine

There is currently no official comment from the US Department of Defense, but it should be noted that Lloyd Austin had previously pledged that Washington would side with Kiev and provide all necessary assistance in the event of a war. contested with Russia.

On the other hand, the Russian press asserted that the American words were only representational and they would abandon the Kiev government if there was a real conflict.

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