National People’s Congress: Chinese delegation did not oppose Jayi text Finance Minister should explain the concerns of the Chinese News Agency to friends-Lianhe Daily

In a statement Monday, the National Education Council expressed deep regret over some of the remarks made by Finance Minister Lin Guanying to the media on Saturday.

The National Education Commission stated that since the Jawi issue, the Chinese Education Corps has not opposed Jawi from beginning to end, but has not agreed with the implementation of the Ministry of Education, including incorporating the study of Jawi into the syllabus. Many variables have been added to the teaching, which has a negative impact on the Chinese primary school. It also vetoes the decision of the board of directors of the Chinese primary school on the topic of jade characters and marginalizes the board’s sovereignty. In fact, the Chinese delegation has stated that they have no objection to studying Jayi, but it should be used as an extra-curricular activity for students who are interested in reading. In addition, the Huatuan Group has repeatedly stated that it recognizes that the existing fifth grade Malay arts of Huadan Elementary School has introduced the calligraphy and calligraphy arts of various ethnic groups in various ways, including the teaching content model of Jayi, Chinese calligraphy and Tamil calligraphy. This clearly shows that the Chinese delegation did not oppose Jayi at all.

The statement pointed out that the head of Dong Jiao had also personally reflected to the Minister of Finance the views and opinions of the Chinese News Agency on the subject of Javanese language. Therefore, I feel puzzled by Lin Guanying’s accusations that the Chinese delegation opposes the Jawi text, which causes offensive in the Malay society. This is not only inconsistent with the facts, but also seriously discredited the Chinese delegation. In fact, many fellow compatriots do not understand the ins and outs of the Jayi issue, and are incited and misled by a caring person to react fiercely. The Minister of Finance should use his influence to explain the hidden concerns of the Chinese News Agency to his friends, so as to resolve misunderstandings instead of blaming the problems on the Chinese Mission. This is very unfair to the Chinese Mission. This will only make the problem worse.

The Education Commission stated that apart from the Chinese community, the Indian society was also dissatisfied with the Ministry of Education’s addition of the Jawi language to the Malay language department, and the Sabah cabinet did not accept the inclusion of the Jawai language unit into Malay language subjects. This shows that this is an issue for education for all, not a race issue. In fact, Dong Jiao and the Chinese delegation also recently communicated with Dato ‘Sri Mugasi, the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Office in charge of religious affairs. After listening to the report of Dong Jiao’s leader, the Minister also announced that Dong Jiao had no objections Jawi, not to mention racist organizations.

The Chief Executive believes that for some people with an ambition, they use the language of Jayi to provoke suspicion and misunderstanding among ethnic groups, creating ethnic divisions and confrontations. The government should take action to stop it in order to maintain national tranquillity and ethnic harmony and avoid aggravating racist sentiment. It is hoped that the Minister of Finance will play an active role in this regard.

Finance Minister Lin Guanying told the media on Saturday that some Chinese groups, although they advocated the concept of pluralism and democracy, opposed Jawa, which is a fake democracy and a hypocrite, which will increase the degree of resentment in Malay society. The higher.

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