National crazy racing! The goal is only faster! Improve power performance and change these!

The goal is only faster! Improve power performance and change these!

The best lap on the track is only fast and not broken. In addition to the skilled riding skills of the rider, the horsepower of the vehicle is also one of the keys to victory. When it comes to increasing the horsepower, it must start from the power output, especially in the uniform specifications. Not only are people more fierce than cars, but vehicles are more fierce than people. Therefore, maximizing output performance through modification is an important issue for every driver!

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1. A small part can release horsepower?

● High flow air filter
● Air filter

2. The first part of the engine’s unboxing, the blood relationship between exhaust and performance

● Full exhaust pipe
● Tail exhaust pipe

3. The transmission system that can not be ignored when changing the power output

● Front chainring
● Aluminum alloy rear chainring
● Steel rear chainring
● Front and rear chainrings
● Sprocket chain group
● Chain

4. A good helper to shorten the lap, not afraid of full throttle!

● Fast gear shift kit

5. Challenge the extreme power of the engine, and electric control can also control the horsepower of the vehicle?

● Spark plug
● Injection system, controller
● Carburetor

Can a small part release horsepower?

How to increase horsepower if you want to maintain the original factory settings under a limited budget? Optimizing the air intake efficiency can achieve the first step of horsepower increase.

When riding at a high speed on the track, the intake air volume becomes larger. To meet the demands of competition, it is certainly not enough to rely on the flow rate and filtering effect of the original air filter. Next, let’s find out how the high-flow air filter maximizes air intake and fuel supply. Relationship between.

Air filter・Air filter element (air filter)

The intake design of the high-flow air filter is more direct and the flow rate is relatively larger. However, because the air intake effect is improved, it is easier to suck in the dirt in the air, and the air filter needs to be maintained and cleaned earlier.

The high-flow air filter itself has better advantages than the original factory. Most of the high-flow air filters on the market adopt a reusable design. They only need to be cleaned during maintenance, and they can provide more air intake for the ECU (for ECU). The oil computer) supplies more gasoline, which makes the engine spin faster. However, this also increases fuel consumption. If you don’t spin and spin often, it will be more likely to cause carbon deposits.

The following points must be paid attention to when choosing high-flow air filter:

First of all, pay attention to whether the air filter flow corresponds to vehicle modification. Big brands usually launch air filters with different flow rates for vehicles with original or modified exhaust pipes. If the vehicle does not make corresponding peripheral modifications, but uses the corresponding modified pipe or the air filter for competition, it will cause excessive intake and fuel supply, which will not help the vehicle to improve its performance, but will have the opposite effect. Remember to confirm applicability when choosing.

Another thing to pay attention to is the structure of the air filter. In order to withstand greater flow, negative pressure generated by the engine, and high temperature deformation, choose a product with a metal filter and good frame adhesion to avoid air filter deformation. It can also improve the air intake efficiency.

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The first part of the engine unboxing, the blood relationship between exhaust and performance

Is there a significant difference in power between the original tube and the modified tube? Since the original exhaust pipe is not designed to be track-oriented, long-term high-speed engine operation has a feeling of being restrained and unable to exert its full strength. However, the modified pipe is a product of improved performance and corresponds to high-speed riding on the track. The characteristic is also a weapon to unblock the horsepower of the vehicle, providing better acceleration and throttle response of the vehicle.

exhaust pipe

In addition to the modified exhaust pipe to release horsepower through different structural forms and back pressure design, the difference in material can also achieve the effect of lightweight.

The original exhaust pipe is limited by the relationship between environmental protection regulations and noise reduction, so the horsepower at high speeds is often not fully utilized.

The main purpose of modifying the exhaust pipe is to reduce the back pressure, make the operation of the intake and exhaust smoother, and change the output characteristics of the engine, especially when the engine needs a smoother exhaust environment at high speeds.

The exhaust pipe made of titanium alloy and carbon fiber can achieve the effect of lightweight car body due to its metal characteristics. Most of the exhaust pipes are used in the material of the tail section. Both the strength and the light weight are placed on stainless steel and black iron. , But titanium alloy and carbon fiber are more difficult to process, so the cost and price are relatively expensive. The front middle exhaust pipe is made of stainless steel or titanium alloy. It is still the first choice to maximize the high-speed horsepower. Section exhaust system.

Novices can get a simple performance improvement from the stainless steel exhaust tail section. If the budget is sufficient, drivers can choose a titanium alloy full-section exhaust pipe to release full horsepower and achieve light weight.

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OVER Racing


The transmission system that can not be ignored when changing the power output

Have you ever experienced the feeling of adjusting the front and rear teeth, such as changing the trolley? When the use environment is moved to the track, the gear ratio needs to be changed accordingly. The track is divided into large and small fields, and the acceleration or tail speed proportions that different track characteristics pay attention to are also very different. However, the original gear ratio setting is only It is suitable for most people, so adjusting the gear ratio is undoubtedly a subject of the next track.

With the intense driving on the track and the adjustment of the gear ratio, the chain weight, tensile strength and smoothness are all modifications that must be matched with the chainring.

Sprocket, front sprocket, rear sprocket, front and rear sprocket set, sprocket chain set

Adjusting the front and rear gear ratio according to the characteristics of the track to avoid unnecessary power loss helps to obtain a faster lap. Small venues usually have more continuous sharp turns and fewer and short straight lines. At this time, it is more convenient to improve acceleration Raiders small circuit. When changing to a large venue, most of them will encounter a long straight line or a high-speed bay. As far as possible, adjusting the gear ratio in the direction of both acceleration and tail speed will achieve good results.

Furthermore, the weight of the chainring can be taken into consideration. In order to achieve lighter body weight, the aluminum alloy chainring is lighter than steel, but the wear resistance is often worse than that of steel. In the end, it has to be based on the frequency and use of the next track. Sex to make choices.

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As the chainring is adjusted for the track use, the pulling force for the rear wheel output will also increase. The oil-seal chain has better tensile resistance, and it will not be adjusted for elongation like a non-oil-seal chain. The feature of not easy to get stuck and dirty has an absolute advantage in maintenance.

In terms of smoothness, although the oil seal chain is equipped with oil seals to maintain lubricity, the resistance increases at the same time. Therefore, the X-type oil seal developed through technology not only maintains a certain lubrication effect, but also reduces resistance to improve the smoothness of power transmission.

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A good helper to shorten the lap, not afraid of full throttle!

Where can I steal seconds from a faster lap on the track? Can the gear change be faster or with less manual operation? With the current technology, MotoGP or WSBK factory cars can automatically upshift when the speed is red line (high speed) through the fast shift system, without returning oil or pulling the clutch, let alone stepping in the gear, only the gear lever needs to be retracted when downshifting There is no frustration in the whole gear shifting process, and the driver can drive the car as much as he wants and focus more on the track.

Quick Gear Kit

Fast gear shifts help the driver to collect or replenish fuel through a complete set of electronic mechanisms. Even when the throttle is fully opened, it can still move smoothly, reducing the concern about speed drop, and improving the overall shifting efficiency.

The operating principle of the quick-shift upshift kit is to use the gap of the transmission gear to upshift when the oil is collected. It is generally composed of a sensor, a high-voltage coil cable and a controller. When upshifting, the gear lever tells the control through the pressure sensor The engine temporarily interrupts fuel supply or ignition, as if there is no clutch upshift action.

However, the principle of fast shifting downshift is opposite to that of upshifting. Automatic fast refueling increases the speed to avoid the setback caused by the speed difference of downshifting. It can also be achieved by setting ECU (fuel supply computer), but the cost is relatively higher than that of fast upshift high.

If your driving skills are so perfect that you can no longer advance in lap seconds, be sure to experience a quick gear shift kit with better gear shifting efficiency.

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Class 4



Challenge the extreme power of the engine, and electronic control can also control the horsepower of the vehicle?

I often hear about the horsepower castration of imported vehicles from Taiwan. It is common to chop off the power of the vehicles because they must pass the ring test. However, such a computer fuel supply setting cannot be used on the track. Therefore, it is necessary to modify the ECU or carburetor to increase the horsepower. The most direct and emotional approach, with peripheral ignition and gear shift accessories, is enough to easily overwhelm vehicles that have not changed their fuel supply.

Spark plug

Can spark plugs increase horsepower? After actual testing, it will have a more obvious performance improvement when used in modified cars. There are many actual measured data on the Internet for comparison.

Iridium alloy spark plugs are the protagonist of today, which can exert better performance than ordinary spark plugs. The thinner center electrode can make the ignition more concentrated, and it can be stable and sustained for frequent violent fluctuations in speed or long-term high-speed driving. Ignition enables the engine to have good acceleration characteristics. By improving the combustion efficiency of the engine and the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of its materials, it not only saves fuel but also improves performance.

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ECU, injection system, controller

As the brain of a car-ECU can control the fuel supply and ignition, and the modified ECU can not only remove the horsepower seal, but also adjust the fuel supply and ignition timing at any time according to the competition orientation, and constantly test on the track to find the best power Output settings. It is recommended that a professional car dealer help to adjust the fuel supply computer.

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In addition to increasing the cylinders to increase horsepower, non-injected cars are the fastest way to change to a modified carburetor. The original factory considers that the exhaust environmental protection regulations will limit its combustion efficiency, but under the concept of fast and unbreakable on the track, Replacing a high-flow air filter, refitting a tube, and installing a more efficient and violent carburetor for fuel supply must be the three major elements for improving the horsepower of a carburetor.

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