NASA wants to give up Russia again

NASA wants to give up Russia again

Sputnik recently quoted sources in the Russian space and missile industry as saying that the US Space Agency (NASA) intends to reduce its presence in Russia due to cooperation on the International Space Station. be narrowed.

NASA is more and more interested in visiting Russia
The Gagarin Research and Experiment Astronaut Training Center in Moscow.

Accordingly, NASA will reduce the number of employees working in the Gagarin Research and Experiment Astronaut Training Center in Zvyozdny Gorodok – the Space Mission Control Center based in Moscow.

The given reason is that the US will reduce “the flights of American astronauts aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft”. As a result, NASA will stop renting homes to astronauts and their families, reducing their service staff there. The agency also stressed that the cuts do not mean they “shut down the entire space mission.”

Meanwhile, another source confirmed that NASA “will not be a permanent presence” at the Institute of Biological and Medical Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They will appoint consultants and hold a private meeting.

At the same time, NASA’s mission in the Space Mission Control Center will be virtually unchanged.

But a third Sputnik source said that NASA will lay off almost all of the employees working in their central office in Moscow.

This news comes amid a shift in US politics and the new US President Joe Biden’s policy is likely to focus on national emergency missions to respond to a global pandemic rather than to maintain. cosmic ambitions like the predecessor administration.

The decline of NASA’s Russian service staff may also indicate a diminished key and rare cooperation between the two countries, signaling a new tense period in the bilateral relationship.

Remember, as America welcomed the return of a human spacecraft for the first time in nine years, SpaceX rekindled its expectation of reducing its dependence on the Russians. The universe. Americans were confident they could no longer “hitch” the Russian spacecraft to go into space and end the hiring of expensive cramped space seats on the Soyuz from 2021.

But despite the success of SpaceX, in early 2021, news emerged that the United States had continued to agree to buy two more seats on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft to bring American astronauts to the National Space Station. (ISS).

NASA is more and more interested in visiting Russia
NASA has leased seats on a Russian spacecraft, the contract cost is more than $ 90 million / seat. Artwork: The astronauts aboard the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

Roscosmos ‘manned space program executive director Serge Krikalev said that the two sides’ agreement on the provision of seats for NASA astronauts was long-scheduled and still performed. before the manned US spacecraft had a problem that prevented it from performing its mission as planned.

With the hiring of Russian spacecraft, the United States may also gain some independence from Moscow’s advanced space program. However, one of the most “headaches” is that Washington continues to buy Russian RD-180 missile engines. This engine is used by the US aerospace giants such as the United Launche Alliance (ULA) – an alliance formed by Boeing and Lockheed Martin.

Since the 1990s, Russian rocket engines have been used in more than 80 U.S. space launches and are installed in the missiles the US uses to bring up military and spy satellites. trajectory.

The RD-180 engine is used for the Atlas V rockets, responsible for launching the US Air Force space apparatus and for NASA research and science missions.

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