NASA investigates the incident of Boeing spacecraft

NASA investigates the incident of Boeing spacecraft

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                        After Boeing’s spacecraft could not access the International Space Station (ISS), NASA is conducting an investigation, may not need to retest.

NASA director Jim Bridenstine recently said that NASA was opening an investigation regarding Boeing’s CST-100 Starliner spacecraft flight that failed to land at the ISS Station in December 2019, according to Reuters.

NASA investigated the problem of Boeing service
Boeing’s Starline spacecraft landed in the desert in New Mexico. Screenshot of NASA

NASA experts will work with Boeing to set up an independent investigation team to investigate the exact cause that prevented Starliner from completing the test.

The investigation team will look into the issues leading to the incident and make recommendations to NASA considering whether Boeing should be tested again. If Starliner has the potential to retest, NASA could spend tens of millions of dollars more on the test trip and continue to delay the implementation of the ambition to bring people back to space.

NASA predicts that this investigation will take two months to finalize.

NASA said it was looking at data from the flight to find out if Boeing’s test had met the requirements for guidance, navigation, overall performance, assembly and disassembly of the spacecraft. stay or not …

Bridenstine said the task of testing has not been reached to the maximum is not the only way Boeing can prove its ability. NASA affirmed that Starliner’s successful connection with ISS was not a necessary condition for advancing a crew flight.

“NASA is evaluating the data received in the mission to determine if other testing is needed. NASA’s approach will be to determine whether NASA and Boeing are receiving enough data to validate overall performance. of the system, including launch, orbital operation, guidance, navigation and control, installation / disassembly of the space station, retry and landing “- Mr. Bridenstine stated.

During a test flight in late December 2019, Starliner failed to pair with the International Space Station (ISS) due to an automatic timer error that prevented the spacecraft from orbit that would send it in the right direction. ISS station. The Starliner’s dashboard clock failed, causing the time on board to go wrong, arguing that it was in a different flight phase and burning more fuel than necessary, forcing both NASA and Boeing to cancel the pairing with ISS to take the ship with enough materials to return to Earth.

Starliner landed in the desert in New Mexico and is currently on its way back to Florida from New Mexico on a 10-day trip. This manned spacecraft is one of NASA’s tools to realize its ambition to send people back to space instead of relying on Russia’s Soyuz spacecraft.

NASA’s Commercial Crew Program – a partnership with private companies to send people into low-Earth orbit – was first funded in 2010 but has yet to be established. real merit so far.

SpaceX CEOs have talked about their unfair treatment with traditional NASA contractors such as Blue Origin, Northrop Grumman and ULA and their efforts have not been properly recognized.

In March 2019, Crew Dragon made the first unmanned test flight to ISS and succeeded. Meanwhile, Starliner still has to wait 2 months to see if it needs to be tested again or not to be able to put people into space.

It is expected that both ships will conduct pilot flight flights in the first 6 months of 2020. After the trial process, NASA will issue a certificate to fulfill the mission of sending astronauts to the station. ISS universe for these contractors.

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