NASA free the entire library of photos, videos and audio, you quickly see

NASA free the entire library of photos, videos and audio, you quickly see

NASA just has a move that enchants the world-wide cosmic enthusiasts that they have opened all of their photo, video and audio collections for everyone. It is estimated that there are 140,000 photos and other things you can see and download for storage or what to do.

So far NASA has a reputation for being friendly to everyone. They may have extremely terrible projects but the way they bring them closer to the public is very simple. As before, I have a share of the app to take a selfie photo with the star system in the post Invite AE to download 2 new software from NASA to take selfie and use VR to watch stars for example, or the case of inviting anyone in the world can also write his name on the board to post on Mars in the post Invite you to register on Mars also very good.


One great thing is that the photos almost leave the information about EXIF, a very useful reference source for those who love space photography around us. In addition, they also add custom image browsing by adding search options such as yearly search, which is useful for those who need to view photos of a certain event.

Here are a few demo photos of 140,000 photos









You can go to the website below to immerse yourself in NASA's universe, if you have any good photos, please share them with others. : D

Refer to NASA


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