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NASA announced the Mars landing video and the first sounds from the Red planet

The view of Mars seen from the Perseverance ship. Photo: NASA

The aforementioned video captures a special footage of a self-propelled device upon landing on February 18. This is one of the most sophisticated images recorded of Mars, providing unprecedented perspectives of the Perseverance probe as it approaches the landing site.

Along with the video is an audio tape recording the first sounds recorded from the surface of Mars, with the wind blowing on this planet.

Thomas Zurbuchen, deputy administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, says the new images and sounds are “the closest you can get when you land on Mars without wearing a suit. under pressure”.

Watch the video of the landing and the overwhelming spectacle from Mars (Source: NBC)

The navigation cameras or Navcams on the NASA Mars probe captured the view from the deck of the explorer on February 20, 2021.

Meanwhile, audio tapes are recorded by two onboard microphones Perseverance. At first, a faint hum could be heard, which Dave Gruel, chief engineer in charge of Perseverance’s camera and microphone system, said was from the camera itself. But about 10 seconds later, the microphone picked up a small screech of a wind, marking the first sounds recorded from the Martian surface.

“Imagine you are sitting on the surface of Mars and listening to everything around. It’s great, the sound is almost clear,” Gruel said at a press conference on February 22.

The newly released video also includes perspectives from a number of different cameras, including three shots at the top of the probe that record the ship as it plunges into the Martian atmosphere.

Two other cameras on board recorded the critical phases of the landing: the deployment of the parachute, the shell guard and a Perseverance landing bridge to the ground.

Another camera at the bottom of the self-propelled car captured stunning shots of the deserted, rust-colored terrain of Mars until the probe’s wheel touched down.

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The Perseverance was dropped onto the surface of the red planet by cable on February 18, 2021 – Photo: NASA / REUTERS

The videos provide a rare, first-hand look at what happens on the surface of a planet other than Earth. When the Perseverance probe arrived at its landing site at the Jezero Crater, on-board cameras captured breathtaking images of Mars’ sand dunes-filled craters.

The Perseverance probe landed in the Jezero basin of the red planet on February 18 (morning of February 19, Vietnam time). One of the probe’s first missions was to look for signs of microbial life, as well as make an unprecedented test flight outside of Earth with a self-carried helicopter on board.

Earlier, on 19/2 NASA published impressive initial images of the perfect landing of the Perseverance probe on the surface of Mars.

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The photo shows the landing of Perseverance with honeycomb rocks lying on Mars on February 18, 2021. Photo: NASA / REUTERS

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