Narcissistic perversion: mental manipulation

Narcissistic perversion: mental manipulation

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The term narcissistic perversion it was first used in 1986 by the French psychoanalyst Paul-Claude Racamier. He describes a psychopathology that affects 10% of the world population. Individuals with this disease are able to exercise control and manipulate others, especially partners, friends and family.

  • What is narcissistic perversion

  • Pervert Characteristics

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  • Narcissistic Perversion and Persecution

What is narcissistic perversion

As its name says, pathology comprises two aspects: narcissism (uncontrollable desire to be admired by others) and perversion (tendency to satisfy their desires and wants at the expense of others). In this way, the narcissistic pervert has a personality marked by an exacerbated narcissism and pictures of moral perversion.

Pervert Characteristics

The narcissistic pervert acts in different stages to achieve mentally manipulate the people around you. First, he tries to create a friendly relationship with each other. In the sequence, the person begins to undermine the partner’s self-esteem to forge a dependency relationship. The manipulation consists of giving the impression that the dependency is due to the victim’s guilt and weakness and not the work of the pervert.

Pervert victim

The success of mental manipulation depends on the psychological conditions of the victim, who, under certain situations, will be forced to submit to a narcissistic pervert. Because of this, certain psychoanalysts see a complicity relationship between aggressor and victim, despite the latter being treated as an object by the perverted partner.

Narcissistic Perversion and Persecution

Narcissistic perversion is part of the group of persecution psychopathologies. The narcissistic pervert aims to humiliate and destroy each other for the enhancement of your personal or social status.

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