When it comes to accessories after buying a car, insulation paper is probably one of the must-have products in the hearts of every Taiwanese. Two-thirds of the weather in Taiwan is relatively hot, so how to apply insulation paper is even more important. Subject.

In the hot summer, choosing heat insulation paper has become a very important issue for Taiwanese driving.

Webmaster’s car installation test!

The webmaster recently started with SUZUKI’s latest performance car, the Swift Sport Hybrid, and found that the A9 series of thermal insulation paper recently launched by Nanya Bingku Thermal Insulation Paper seems to have a good insulation rate, and the CP value feels quite high, so make an appointment immediately. installation.

Nanya Bingku Thermal Insulation Paper is coated with special nano-ceramic coatings in a clean room with a precision coating machine. It is not easy to whiten and will not block electronic signals, so you don’t have to worry about affecting eTag, GPS, mobile phone and other electronic communication equipment. Transmission and reception.

At the same time, it has a good thermal barrier effect and has been tested to actually block 77-95% of radiant heat. In addition, the measured thermal insulation papers of 95% infrared barrier grades on the market, under different light transmission, each of Nanya Bingku thermal insulation paper can block the most radiant heat sources, which can effectively reduce the body temperature and prevent ultraviolet light. -A, B, C full-band test, long-term barrier of more than 99%.

Real car sharing

This time, the webmaster chose the top A9 series of Nanya Bingku Thermal Insulation Paper, and N40 was selected for the front gear to ensure a good line of sight during the day and night. N40 offers different textures of light cyan, for car owners who like sunshine but don’t want to be hot!

The sight of the N40 from inside the car.

The two windows next to the driver’s seat use N20. This is the first choice for owners who are afraid of heat. It can achieve the best balance between heat insulation and sight!

Nanya Bingku Thermal Insulation Paper is also the only one to use panel-level non-toxic environmentally friendly optical adhesives, complete transplantation of panel optical adhesive heat-resistant technology, non-toxic, odorless, and high weather resistance, giving consumers more peace of mind.

The line of sight of N40 and N20 from inside the car.

For the rear doors and rear gears, the stationmaster chooses N10. Since Swift does not have a rear compartment pallet, N10 insulation paper is used. It is not easy to see inside but easy to look outside. It has a better sense of privacy and security. Excellent solar radiation barrier!

N10’s sight from inside the car.

Looking at it from the side of the car, it can be seen that the insulation paper is gradually different in the front and rear.

Top “A9 Series” with the highest total insulation rate of 92%

The top-level “A9 series” of Nanya Ice Cool Thermal Insulation Paper, which is most loved by car owners, has product lines such as N-70, N-50, N-40, N-30, N-20, N-10, etc., each with No signal blocking characteristics, infrared (IR) blocking rate up to 95%, ultraviolet (UV) blocking rate of 99.8%, the most important total heat insulation rate, up to 92%, higher than all current commercial brands.

A9 series have a variety of thermal insulation coefficient options.

to sum up

After several days of testing, Nanya Bingku Thermal Insulation Paper A9 series performs very well in terms of thermal insulation effect, and is not much different from other major international manufacturers. It is also the only use of panel-level non-toxic environmentally friendly optical adhesives to allow you to insulate At the same time, it will not cause any burden to the body.

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