Nancy Pelosi still forces congressmen to wear masks in the House despite vaccinations

Nancy Pelosi still forces congressmen to wear masks in the House despite vaccinations

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi will still force vaccinated congressmen to wear masks in the House, despite new guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

CNN’s Congressional correspondent Manu Raju tweeted: “House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has said to me ‘no,’ she will not change the rule requiring masks on the floor of the House of Representatives.”

Mr Raju further tweeted: “The Capitol physician said in the memo: ‘For the Hall area: The current mask requirement and other guidelines remain unchanged until all members and staff of the House of Representatives The hospital is fully vaccinated.”

Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told Bloomberg on Thursday that she would not relax the requirement to wear a mask because it is unknown how many members of the House and their staff have been vaccinated.

However, 33 Republican members of the House of Representatives signed a letter demanding that Ms. Pelosi normalize voting procedures and abolish the requirement to wear masks, the Daily Caller reported.

Speaker Ms. Pelosi, in line with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidance published on May 13, 2021, we urge you to immediately return to normal voting. and end mandatory mask-wearing requirements in the House of Commons,” Congressman Bob Gibbs wrote in the letter.

On Thursday, the CDC decided to lift the requirement to wear masks for Americans who have been fully vaccinated against the Wuhan virus. Dr Rochelle Walensky announced: “Anyone who is fully immunized can participate in indoor and outdoor activities, big or small, without wearing a mask or distancing themselves.”

But Ms. Walensky issued a warning to the unvaccinated, insisting that they should continue to wear masks and social distance until they are fully vaccinated.

She said: “You are still at risk for mild or severe illness, death, or spreading the disease to others. “You should still wear a mask, and you should get vaccinated immediately.”

Joe Biden’s Twitter account also made a rule following CDC guidance, writing: “Get vaccinated or wear a mask until you get it.”

The White House’s Facebook account also featured a short animation in which Mr. Biden said “Get vaccinated or wear a mask.”

Masks have become a political focus during the pandemic, with Republicans arguing that face covering regulations violate individual liberties. Wearing a mask has become an increasingly controversial issue during vaccination, as many have questioned why it is still necessary to wear a mask after vaccination.

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