Naked thieves because he believed in the magician

Naked thieves because he believed in the magician

Indonesian police have arrested a strange thief who specializes in naked theft. They are very surprised when this criminal tells the reason for his unusual behavior.

After days of investigation, police north of Jakarta, Indonesia, caught a man who specialized in breaking into houses and tall buildings to clear things. Worth mentioning, the thief always wears nothing when acting.

Images of naked HL (left) breaking into a house of theft and being recorded by security cameras. Photo: Tribunnews

Speaking at a recent press conference, representatives of the North Jakarta Police said that the thief with the abbreviation HL declared him naked on the advice of a shaman.

Tribunnews quoted North Jakarta police chief Budhi Herdi Susianto as saying: "HL will take everything off and make sure there are no threads on his body before he commits a crime. This is because he I believe when naked, no one will be able to see him ".

However, the above "invisibility" trick is clearly not effective. People can still see HL and his movements in the footage recorded by surveillance cameras on the scene.

Before being arrested, HL had broken into and stole at 6 different locations. Among his spoils are 30 tablets stolen from a library in North Jakarta.

Police are still pursuing an accomplice with HL in his last mission after this guy escaped from the scene successfully.

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