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Nabeyaki udon recipe / how to make


Photo of Nabeyaki Udon

Cooking time: 60 minutes or less

Prepare and make all the soup stock and ingredients at home“Nabeyaki Udon”Is introduced. It’s hard to cool down in a clay pot, and it’s a perfect dish for the really cold season!

It is quite difficult to prepare all the ingredients by yourself,Prepare spinach, simmered dried shiitake mushrooms, soup stock, etc. by the day before.I think it will be a little easier to make on the day.

* The basic recipe is for one person, but the final process ③ also summarizes how to make multiple people at once.

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How to make nabeyaki udon

Preparation of Nabeyaki udon ingredients and soup stock

The ingredients for Nabeyaki udon made at home are“Enoki mushrooms, green onions, boiled spinach, fried tofu, shrimp with shells, simmered dried shiitake mushrooms, kamaboko, eggs”Such a combination is recommended.

* Other recommended ingredients are summarized in the supplement below. Raw shiitake mushrooms are OK, butAdd simmered dried shiitake mushrooms for a more authentic finishSo please try it.

Also, what is indispensable for Nabeyaki udonDashi soupSo, a combination of common kelp and dried bonito is fine, butA refreshing finish even with kelp pear soup stock, which is made with only dried bonito flakesIt will be.

Boil 500 ml of water, add 15 g (3%) of dried bonito flakes, and simmer for 3-4 minutes... If you get lye, scoop it lightly. Also, if you strain the dried bonito at the end, you should squeeze the dashi stock firmly.

Cut the green onions diagonally with a width of 1 to 1.5 cm, and cut the enoki mushrooms, fried tofu, and kamaboko for easy eating.

For shrimp with shells, remove the back cotton with a bamboo skewer and thenBoil in salted water for about 2 minutesRemove from and allow to cool before peeling.

* The shrimp shell should look good if it is peeled off so that only the tail is left.

Cut the boiled spinach so that it is easy to eat, and squeeze the water after cutting. Also, if the simmered dried shiitake mushrooms are boiled in advance, cut them in half if they are large (if frozen, thaw them naturally in the refrigerator for a while).

* It is quite difficult to prepare all the ingredients yourself, soPrepare only simmered spinach and dried shiitake mushrooms by the day beforeIt is recommended because it will lighten the work load on the day.

* Spinach can also be stored frozen by boiling it and squeezing it out. Also refer to the simmered dried shiitake mushrooms and boiled spinach.

Nabeyaki udon recipe / how to make

In a clay pot400 ml of A’s soup stock and seasonings (1 tablespoon each of soy sauce and mirin, 1/4 teaspoon of salt)And lightly mix with chopsticks.

Add green onions, enoki mushrooms, and fried tofu and heat over medium heat to boil.

You don’t have to boil it completely, so add frozen udon noodles just before boiling and wait for it to boil again.

When it comes to a boil again, reduce the heat, spread the remaining ingredients (kamaboko, shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, spinach) on top, and insert the egg in the center.

Turn off the heat, cover it (shift it a little if it’s easy to boil), and wait for the eggs to lightly cook.

Even if you make Nabeyaki udon all at once!

It is good to make one for each person, but when eating with a large number of peopleIt is also recommended to make as many people as you like in a clay potis.

Prepare for the ingredients x number of people, and make all the rest of the process unchanged.

Since the ingredients are lined up on top, it is a way to eat each of your own ingredients in a bowl. Please enjoy it as a different hot pot dish than usual.


  • Other recommended ingredientsRice cake, chicken, Chinese cabbage, garland chrysanthemumEtc.
  • Udon is not boiled udon, but frozen udon is recommended.Even when heated in a clay pot, the texture of frozen udon noodles is hard to
  • Even if the soup stock is not dried bonito, you can use mackerel and mixed bonito to make a soup with a strong umami taste.
  • The shell of the shrimp is usually peeled off near the tail, then at the end, hold the tail with your fingertips and peel off the shell adjacent to the tail, leaving only the tail clean. ..



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