NAB prepares to launch new Victoria data center

The National Australia Bank (NAB) will launch a new data center in Victoria, Australia next week.

The facility is located in Deer Park and was built by Digital Real Estate. It has a floor area of ​​1,000 square meters and plans to save the bank A$22 million by reducing business costs over time. Digital Real Estate gave the keys to NAB three weeks ago.

Instead of its existing data centers in Knox, Victoria, NAB plans to merge its more than 20 data centers of different sizes in Australia. The bank also hopes to decommission its aging data center in East Melbourne.

The new facility will improve the bank’s ability to process, store and analyze large volumes of customer and transaction data.

All of these are part of NAB’s multi-billion dollar IT transformation strategy.

Before the fourth quarter of 2013, the bank’s data center assets will not be migrated to the new data center because NAB will spend several months to install and test the new facilities.

The new data center is connected to two network switches and two grid supplies.

It will house NAB’s private cloud environment, which will be provided by IBM. The cloud will host many internal applications, including collaboration tools. The environment is in the final stages of deployment.

According to NAB, “Strategic virtualization will increase server utilization from 12% to 60%, or from 12 cents to a maximum of 60 cents from a dollar.”

Using energy-saving technologies, including free air cooling, NAB will also reduce its carbon footprint by 3,200 tons.

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