Mysterious woman behind Huawei's self-control ambition chip - VnReview

Mysterious woman behind Huawei's self-control ambition chip – VnReview

Ha Dinh Ba was an unfamiliar name for foreign media until he criticized America's decision to attack Huawei as a "crazy thing", affirming that the company was headed by her to "save" Huawei.

Just like the founder of Huawei Nham Chinh Phi, the moves of the US targeting Huawei Group made Ms. Ha Dinh Ba – chairman of HiSilicon Company owned 100% Huawei, break the silence after more than a decade. work.

Ms. Ha Dinh Ba

Not Mr. Nham, Mrs. Ha's chair at HiSilicon is the hottest chair currently in Huawei after the turn of a series of British and American partners, Hong Kong's South China Morning Post commented.

Plan B into plan A

Losing Google's Android is just a skin wound, deciding to end its partnership with Huawei of ARM, the UK-based chip maker, which is a critical blow to the Chinese technology giant.

"All B plans that we have built become plans A after one night," Mrs. Ha admitted in the letter to more than 7,000 HiSilicon employees on May 17.

Ha Dinh Ba affirmed that HiSilicon had prepared the resources for many years, an effort that she described as "spare tire in the Great School of Science and Technology".

HiSilicon president claims to be able to provide good replacement chips such as those of Qualcomm and Intel of the US for Huawei products such as smartphones, tablets, security cameras and telecommunication network equipment.

In 2004, when HiSilicon returned to Huawei completely, Nham Chinh Phi promised Ha Dinh Ba to give her 20,000 employees and 400 million USD for research and development (R&D).

At that time, Huawei was just a 30,000-person corporation with an annual R&D budget of over $ 1 billion. This shows that Huawei has determined that HiSilicon becomes the trump card is only a matter of time.

Eight years after returning to Huawei, HiSilicon became China's leading integrated circuit designer, with sales of about $ 7.5 billion in 2018, according to Reuters. HiSilicon chips are recognized in more than 100 countries and territories.

HiSilicon's revenue increased by more than 34% last year and is expected to surpass Taiwan's MediaTek to become Asia's largest chip design company, if not for its parent company. . The distance between HiSilicon and MediaTek is now only 300 million USD in revenue.

Sealed like he was

Despite HiSilicon's success and momentum, the information about its head, Ha Dinh Ba, is almost zero.

Little information provided on Huawei's official website revealed that Ms. Ha was born in 1969, graduated from Beijing Post and Telecommunication University and joined Huawei in 1996 as ASIC Chief Engineer, R&D Director. .

Before the 17-5 letter leaked, Chinese people did not know who Ha Dinh Ba was, even though she was the third most powerful woman at Huawei – China's number one telecommunications corporation.

It is the founder of Huawei who admits that Ha is so quiet that most of the photos people say are Ha Dinh Ba in fact … not her.

Documents and documents that can be found online on Huawei's website hardly mention Ha Dinh Ba, except for a partnership agreement with US Tensilica processor supplier in 2013.

Ha Dinh Ba and Nham Chinh Phi can confidently produce the best chips without going to the US. That may be true, because the core – the most important part of every chip in the world, mostly comes from British ARM. Huawei chips such as Kirin 980 are all Huawei products under the copyright of ARM.

But Huawei's leaders seem to be deliberately ignoring the fact that this Japanese Softbank group has ceased cooperating with them after moves from the US.

According to Youth

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