Mysterious cowboy hat wearing a cowboy hat in Las Vegas

Mysterious cowboy hat wearing a cowboy hat in Las Vegas

Locals in Las Vegas, USA, discovered two pigeons walking around the city with tiny cowboy hats on their heads.

A local bird rescue group is worried about the birds. Mariah Hillman, co-founder of the pigeon rescue organization Lofty Hopes told CNN that it looks like these tiny accessories were stuck to the birds' heads with glue.

"When we see them today, some feathers can be seen in the glue around the hat," she said. "This is definitely a cause for concern." The group named the red-hat bird Cluck Norris and the pink-hated bird Coolamaty Jane.

'Western cowboy' doves in Las Vegas

The two birds quickly became a social networking phenomenon, when Las Vegas residents glued to the pigeons in hopes of catching the couple wearing hats.

"I finally found one," wrote Kassandra Flores as she posted a video of a bird wearing a hat on Twitter. Flores told CNN she didn't believe the birds were real until she saw Cluck Norris near her mother's house on December 9.

"At first it was right outside my mother's door and I was very excited … but before I could film it flew away," she said. "And then when I was leaving, I saw it again, and this time I got it."

There were rumors that there was a third bird with a brown hat, but Ms. Hillman said her rescue team could not confirm this information.

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