Myanmar's military banned satellite TV on the grounds of "security threats".

Myanmar’s military banned satellite TV on the grounds of “security threats”.

On Tuesday (May 4), a media outlet controlled by the Myanmar military government announced a ban on satellite TV receivers on the grounds that broadcasts outside of Myanmar threatened national security. The country has also threatened to imprison anyone found to violate the ban.

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Myanmar’s military government has cut off most of mobile internet access in an attempt to quell anti-government protests since the February 1 coup. Myanmar increasingly appears to have returned to isolation a decade ago when democratic reform took place.

The state broadcaster MRTV of the Myanmar army said: Satellite TV is no longer legal. Anyone who violates the television and video laws, especially those using satellite dish antennas, will be sentenced to one year in prison along with a fine of 500,000 kyat ($ 320). “

MRTV continued: “Illegal media outlets are broadcasting news that undermines national security, law and public order, and encourages viewers to commit treason.”

In the face of widespread protests, the Myanmar military government has sought ways to impose a new order since it overthrew the legally elected leader San Suu Kyi and ended the period of uncertainty. when it comes to the country’s democracy.

The Association for Supporting Political Prisoners (AAPP), an advocacy group, says violence has steadily increased in Myanmar since the coup began and Myanmar’s security forces have killed more than 760 civilians. . The military government denied this figure and said 24 police and soldiers were killed in the protests.

On Tuesday (May 4), Myanmar media reported that five people were killed by at least one letter bomb exploded, including an overthrown legislator and three police officers participating in the movement. civilian obedience to military rulership.

Meanwhile, the Chinland Self-Defense Force, a newly formed militia in the Chin state of Myanmar bordering India, said on its Facebook page on Tuesday that its forces had killed. killed 4 people and wounded 10 Myanmar army soldiers in a clash the night before.

The Myanmar military did not comment on this statement.

Independent TV station DVB reported that, one day after a local official was stabbed to death in the city of Yangon, villagers in the northwestern region of Sagaing found the beheaded body of a local administrator led by the government. military appointments.

Sheet Myanmar Now reported Tuesday (May 4), democracy advocates held protests in Mandalay City, including a protest by education sector officials calling for a boycott of schools and universities when they reopen in June.

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