Myanmar newspaper: Bphone 3 duo will sell to Myanmar market from early July - VnReview

Myanmar newspaper: Bphone 3 duo will sell to Myanmar market from early July – VnReview

Pyi Myanmar Newspaper, one of the three largest newspapers in Myanmar, has just published an interview with Bkav Myanmar CEO about the plan to bring Bphone into this market.

This interview was originally posted on the community of Bphone lovers (Bphone Fans Club). Reporter has investigated, this is an interview with Mr. Le Quang Hiep, Bkav Myanmar General Director posted on Pyi Myanmar newspaper on June 27, 2019, then posted on electronic publication and shared on fanpage more than 2.5 million members of this newspaper. Communications representative Bkav Group previously confirmed that Bkav has established a company in Myanmar since the beginning of 2019.

Interview with CEO Bkav Myanmar Le Quang Hiep in Myanmar newspaper.

In the interview, Mr. Le Quang Hiep said that from the beginning of July, the Bphone 3 duo and Bphone 3 pro will be ready on shelves at nearly 100 Mytel stores nationwide in Myanmar. Bphone converges the latest technologies to create a high-end product with the best features but the most affordable for the majority of users. Bphone will be distributed through Mytel network (Myanmar's third largest network with Viettel is the largest shareholder), helping bring users more pleasant prices, especially in the first year of use.

Mr. Le Quang Hiep also affirmed that Bkav technology group is present in Myanmar not only for commercial purposes but also as a socially responsible company, providing innovative and more affordable services for Myanmar people. Bkav hopes to bring the best mobile experience in serving Myanmar customers.

Mr. Hiep said Bkav is currently investing heavily in marketing campaigns and brand awareness in Myanmar. As reported, Bphone 3 and Mytel have recently landed Myanmar television in the prime time. Mytel also organized a lucky draw with a prize of 30 Bphone 3 on the occasion of one year the operator put into operation.

Talking to reporter, media representative Bkav confirmed the plan to bring Bphone 3 to Myanmar market but did not disclose more details.

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