Myanmar coup: 2 more protesters were killed by bullets - photo 1

Myanmar coup: 2 more protesters killed by bullet hits | World

“Twenty people were injured and two were killed,” said Ko Aung, leader of the volunteer rescue force in Mandalay City. A man died of a head injury.

A volunteer doctor confirmed there were 2 deaths: “One person was shot in the head, died on the spot. Another died later with a bullet wound in the chest. “

The police have not yet commented.

Security forces are deployed in Mandalay. Photo: Myanmar Now

Myanmar coup: 2 more protesters were killed by bullets - photo 2
One person was hit by bullets on Saturday afternoon, February 20. Photo: Myanmar Now

Follow ReutersThe protesters threw things at the police in Mandalay. Immediately, this force responded with tear gas and guns (whether it was real bullets or rubber bullets).

The protests against the coup have not shown signs of settling down in Myanmar. Protesters questioned the military’s promise to hold a new election and give power to the victors.

Earlier, on February 19, a woman who was hit by a bullet the week before participating in a protest in Nay Pyi Taw passed away. This is the first death involving anti-coup protesters.

Meanwhile, the Myanmar military said a policeman had died of injury while restraining protesters.

According to Reuters


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