"My Sister" breaks 700 million! Congratulations in the poster, it is a warm look at each other

“My Sister” breaks 700 million! Congratulations in the poster, it is a warm look at each other

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When it comes to family love movies, the first one mentioned is “Hello, Li Huanying”. The theme of the film is to commemorate the mother and make up for regrets, conveying the emotion of “children want to support but not waiting”, and also reminds everyone to spend more time with their parents , Love your family well. The real emotions of the film touched many people, and it is also memorable.

The film eventually became the biggest dark horse in this spring with a box office of over 540,000, and it successfully ranked among the top two in the box office of mainland film history. It can be said to be a very successful work. After “Hello, Li Huanying”, another family movie was released, which not only won a high box office, but also once again gave everyone a new understanding.

As of the 13th day of the film’s release, “My Sister” had a box office of over 700 million, with a single-day box office of over 4 million occupying the top of the box office list, and both the box office and the rankings accounted for more than one-third of the market, although the theater box office It’s freezing point, but “My Sister” is still far ahead at the box office. From this we can also see the film’s impact on the audience.

When the box office surpassed 700 million, “My Sister” released a congratulatory poster. The content of the poster was very simple, with 700 million numbers as the background, highlighting the important characters in the film. Looking at each other and smiling, the smile is warm and healing, and the picture is very warm.

The state of my uncle and sister is very different from that in the movie. My sister rarely smiles in the movie, which may be related to her character and responsibility.

Because my parents are going to have a second child, my sister has never felt the warmth of the family. She has been very independent and strong since she was a child. Uncle is an ordinary middle-aged ronin, and he is still very disappointed, so his life makes him unable to laugh at all.

The two people are in the same frame this time because although my sister lives in the age of “patriarchal”, there are still people around her who care about her, and my uncle is one of them.

When my sister’s parents were in a car accident, my uncle went to the truck driver alone to seek justice. This was done not only for my sister and brother-in-law, but also for my sister’s Enron, so that An Ran and his younger brother’s lives could be secured in the future.

My uncle has been silently supporting An Ran and guarding An Ran in his own way. After his aunt, he is another family who loves and supports An Ran.

Secondly, the existence of the uncle is to satirize the “patriarchy”, because his unwillingness and attention to his daughter are both his resistance to this phenomenon and the director’s resistance to the “patriarchy”, so the role of the uncle is Very important, there is no best Enron without him.

The emotion of the film is moving, so although the film does not give the answer to whether the sister raised her younger brother, it also means that life is still going on, and the story of the sister is going on.

Just like the director Yin Ruoxin said, “The open ending is because we can’t define an answer to life. Sister Zeng Xian hopes that your sister will be strong and she will make choices.”

“My Sister” has surpassed 700 million. For the film’s final box office, how much do you predict there will be? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!


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