My BALI trip video and share some spinning tips
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My BALI trip video and share some spinning tips

Hi ae,
Show with his last Bali trip video brothers and some tips I share hope to help ae apply well in spinning. First invite you to watch a video to see your shooting angles.

Ok, now the filming tips:
1. Equipment:

I use the Gopro 7 black as the main reason for its compactness and the built-in vibration protection. When shooting, it will shoot at 1080p speed 120 or 4K speed 60 so that when it comes to post production, it will slow slowmotion while reducing the shaking feeling if it has just brought a nice effect.
However, the disadvantage of the gopro is the lack of light, so the lack of light scenes (late afternoon, early morning, indoors) do not use Gopro but use the camera with low lens. The higher the speed, the better.
Flycam uses Mavicpro, tips here are in control, shooting at 4K 30fps, not recording 1080p with this quality is very bad.
Some ways to rotate: Select the target subject => Fly slowly forward, backward or pan from left to right combined with a little backward to create a circular pan effect. This requires that both hands are smooth and beautiful.
Is Gimbal needed?
With gopro, there is no need, with cameras, but really carrying gimbal is very heavy and inconvenient to install. If possible, there should be.
2. Some tips at shooting:

– If you move, bend your knees down to the video to lessen the vibration.
– With the camera, install a strap to stretch the camera (neck strap) so that the camera has a focus and less vibration.
– Hold your breath: Like shooting, when holding the camera, holding your breath will reduce the vibration of the video.
– If the dial is bright enough (for example, with Sony camera), choose SLOG2 or 3, lack of light, then turn Cine4 to make the best color.
– If it is a tourist, it is recommended to shoot many action scenes to make the video more attractive. With the action scene, the ending should not slowmotion, even speed up. With portraits, follow, use camera + lens to remove fonts or gopro but slowmotion. Which part should be slow motion which part is fast depends on the feeling of music.
And the transition effect at the time of filming, arranging the composition, the post-production period is longer, so please forgive me for the next post.
Hope this article is of a high interest to be motivated to write later : D


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