MWC2021| Huawei Hu Houkun: Operations will basically meet expectations in 2020, revenue and profits will increase slightly

MWC2021| Huawei Hu Houkun: Operations will basically meet expectations in 2020, revenue and profits will increase slightly

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On February 23, 2021, the MWC World Mobile Communications Conference, which was suspended for one year due to the epidemic, was held in Shanghai. The theme of this conference was “Harmony and Symbiosis”. At the opening ceremony on the morning of the first day of the conference, Huawei Vice Chairman Hu Houkun announced Keynote speech on “Innovation, Light Up the Future”.

In his speech, Hu Houkun first introduced the development status of Huawei, which is of concern to the outside world. Huawei’s operations in 2020 will be stable and basically met expectations. Revenue and profit have increased slightly, and the official 2020 financial report will be announced on March 31.

The changes brought about by the epidemic have put forward new requirements for digital infrastructure, which has brought Huawei business development opportunities. In the past year, Huawei has used innovative technologies and services to help more than 300 communication networks in more than 170 countries operate steadily. For example, in Indonesia, Huawei adopted a brand-new digital delivery technology, and completed the rapid deployment of more than 50,000 base stations under the epidemic; in Ningxia, China, it adopted an innovative integrated router to achieve a little bit of access During the epidemic, the problem of enterprises moving to the cloud quickly at low cost.

During Hu Houkun’s keynote speech, he showed Huawei’s latest AR application “Huawei River Map”. Through the combination of 5G network, 5G terminals and AR technology, this application can seamlessly integrate the virtual world and the real world. Hu Houkun said that such an experience requires high-precision centimeter-level positioning, powerful computing power, and the large bandwidth of 5G networks to be realized. It will be applied in education, entertainment, tourism, transportation and navigation in the future.

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With 5G, cloud, AI and other technologies, the intelligent and flexible manufacturing industry is accelerating. For example, in the 5G mobile phone production workshop of Huawei’s southern factory, the deployment of 5G networks and cloud-based artificial intelligence applications has greatly improved production efficiency.

Driven by these new technologies, the whole society is facing a new opportunity for digital transformation. It is predicted that by 2025, 97% of large companies in the world will deploy artificial intelligence, 55% of China’s GDP will be driven by the digital economy, and 60% of operators’ revenue will come from the industry. Hu Houkun believes that in the face of the huge opportunities of industry digitization, all walks of life should focus on how to improve their capabilities, build an ecosystem, and use digital technology to bring value to thousands of industries.

As an ICT infrastructure supplier, Huawei has been committed to promoting the digital process of the industry through 5G innovation from the three levels of technology, products, and applications. For example, at the level of technological innovation, Huawei’s super uplink innovation solution helps solve the uplink bottleneck in the industrial Internet field. In terms of product innovation, Huawei’s integrated 5G edge computing products have increased the deployment efficiency of edge computing by nearly 10 times. In terms of application innovation, Huawei uses X Labs to bring together representative companies in various industries, such as manufacturing, medical, finance, and transportation, to discuss how to use 5G technology for digital transformation.

At the same time, Huawei is cooperating with a wide range of customers and partners. Cooperate with ecological partners to develop terminals that meet the special needs of the industry; realize the scale replication of 5GtoB from 1 to N through joint innovation and strategic cooperation with customers; accelerate the scale of 5G toB by synergizing 5G communication standards and industry standards .

Hu Houkun said that Huawei has signed more than 1,000 5GtoB project contracts in more than 20 industries with operators and partners.


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