Musician Killed With Guitar The accused gave a blood-curdling story

Musician Killed With Guitar The accused gave a blood-curdling story

Twelve hours after attempting to kill himself, the man accused of killing a musician with a guitar calmly explained to an investigator in his hospital bed how he made the corpse disappear.

Raymond Henry Muller is currently on trial at the Montreal courthouse.

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He is charged with the premeditated murder and contempt of the body of Cédric Gagnon, on July 4, 2018.

Sitting in the glass cage reserved for the accused, the 54-year-old man, who now has a neat haircut and trimmed beard, remained motionless while listening to his questioning presented to the members of the jury.

He was captured on September 1, 2018, the day after his suicide attempt. Police officers had found a note in his apartment on rue Bernard in which he confessed to having killed the 39-year-old musician from his group who was missing.

Lying in a hospital bed, we see him, for five hours, telling with detachment to the investigator of the police of Montreal how he would have murdered with bass guitar hits, then dismembered his victim into three parts.

In the fridge

Taking long pauses before answering, the man from Western Canada describes in detail that he would have used a mill, a kitchen knife and a bow saw, normally used for cutting wood.

Shirtless, emaciated and visibly weakened, Muller even apologizes a few times for not being able to provide more details to investigators.

According to his statement, he then took several hours to clean up the crime scene as well as put body members back in his refrigerator.

He would have disposed of it, along with the tools, in bins located not far from his home, during the days that followed.

Not welcome

The father of four is said to have been left behind by his wife shortly before the events. He lived in an apartment, nicknamed the “Rock Hotel”, where members of his band often showed up unexpectedly. This was the case with Cédric Gagnon, whom the accused described in his questioning as a bandmate “Volatile”.

“He’s an extreme person. He’s in your face, ”he insisted, confident that they sometimes had conflicts. He had a problem with sometimes hanging out at home without paying rent, he said.

Wednesday’s hearing will be delayed as lawyers debate whether the defendant will have to wear his mask until the end of the trial, in accordance with the new health measures.


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