Murders The Crown appeals the sentence of Fredette

Murders The Crown appeals the sentence of Fredette

The Crown is still hoping that murderer Ugo Fredette will receive at least 50 years in jail for killing his spouse and an elder, so she has appealed the case, in case the Supreme Court reinstates the sentences cumulative in murder cases.

“A 50-year parole ineligibility period […] is fair and appropriate and should be imposed on [Fredette] », We can read in the notice of appeal filed this Monday by the Crown attorney Steve Baribeau.

Fredette, 45, was sentenced to life imprisonment last January for the murders of Véronique Barbe and Yvon Lacasse which occurred in September 2017.

Unable to endure his break-up with Mrs. Barbe, he had stabbed her in the family residence of Saint-Eustache, in the presence of a 6-year-old child. Fredette had then fled, during which he attacked an elder to steal his car. The murderer got rid of Yvon Lacasse’s corpse in a wooded area in the Laurentians.

His flight had ended in Ontario, following a large police deployment.

Cumulation of penalties

Guilty of two first degree murders, Fredette was automatically sentenced to life in prison. However, it remained to determine the period to be served before Fredette could apply for parole.

However, if the Criminal Code allowed the accumulation of this period when there is more than one murder, the Court of Appeal had invalidated this article of the law in the Alexandre Bissonnette case, which had committed a killing at the mosque of Quebec. Faced with this, the court had no choice but to impose a minimum of 25 years on Fredette, unlike 50 years as claimed by the Crown.

“The message it sends is, ‘Kill one, two or three, it’s going to be 25 years.’ Finally, what we hear is that he was 25 years old for the murder of Véronique Barbe, and nothing for having killed my father, who died for nothing ”, had also commented Jennifer Lacasse, the daughter. by M. Lacasse, after the sentence.

The Crown in the Bissonnette case, however, took this case to the Supreme Court, asking for the reinstatement of multiple sentences in murder cases. And if ever the highest court in the country accepts, Me Baribeau asks that the same treatment be served to Fredette.

It would be surprising, however, if a decision was rendered by the end of the year.


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