Murder Muller swears his confessions were words

Murder Muller swears his confessions were words

The confessions in a suicide note from a Montrealer accused of murdering his music partner and then throwing the corpse in the trash were in fact song lyrics, he vowed on Monday, saying he was innocent.

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“My plan was to be arrested for murder, to go to jail, so that the photo of [la victime] be seen by the world and be found. It was my chance to do something good, ”said Raymond Henry Muller on Monday at the Montreal courthouse.

Muller, 54, is currently on trial for the premeditated murder and contempt of the corpse of Cédric Gagnon, a 39-year-old musician with whom he played regularly.

The assassination reportedly took place in July 2018, but it was not until seven weeks later that the case was clarified, when Muller allegedly attempted suicide. During the police intervention, an officer found a note where Muller confessed to the crime.

Then, during his police interrogation at the hospital, he added that he had killed Mr. Gagnon with a guitar, having butchered him and then throwing the parts of the corpse in the trash.

The body has never been found.

New version

However, this version would be entirely false, assured Muller to the jurors, Monday, while questioning even the death of Mr. Gagnon. Because according to the new version of the accused, there would never have been a murder. In fact, Muller said, his friend just disappeared.

“People were worried, I was thinking that Cédric might be in another province or in Rouyn-Noranda,” said Muller. And that’s where I got an idea for a trip to find it. “

Muller, who has long been a traveling musician across the country, then proceeded to explain that he wrote the lyrics to a song in which he spoke of murder, with the aim of going to jail and “making noise in the media. In the hope of finding his friend.


Then, for some obscure but “symbolic” reason, he got it into his head that by pretending to commit suicide, he would then be imprisoned. And if he recounted at length how he cleaned the apartment after the murder, it was because he was on medication.

At that moment, on his hospital bed, he swore, moreover, that he had had a vision of Mr. Gagnon.

“I’m sorry if it’s confusing,” Muller added to the jury. It is clear that I have gone too far. But what I did was to find Cedric. “

The trial, chaired by Judge Lyne Décarie, continues throughout the week, after which the jurors will be sequestered until they reach a verdict.

Muller is defended by Mes Andrew Barbacki and Jordan Trevick, while the Crown is represented by Mes Marie-Claude Bourassa and Alexis Dinelle.


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