Murder in Nova Scotia The former wife of the killer in the dock

Murder in Nova Scotia The former wife of the killer in the dock

Jolt in the mass murder case in Nova Scotia: the ex-wife, brother and brother-in-law of the man responsible for the largest mass murder in Canadian history are now accused in the class action against his estate, according to various Canadian media.

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The class action lawsuit launched by the families of the victims thus targets three people, namely James Banfield, Brian Brewster and Lisa Diana Banfield, all three accused in a separate file of having supplied ammunition to Gabriel Wortman, the killer.

Recall that he savagely murdered 22 people during a 125-kilometer run that lasted about 13 hours, on April 18 and 19, 2020. He had used pistols and had set fire to several places on his road, before finish his race under police fire. He had modified his vehicle before it looked like a police vehicle.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) believe that the three accused were unaware of the killer’s plans.

Ms Banfield, 52, was the sole heir to the killer, whose holdings stand at $ 2.1 million. The killer, a trained denturist, had money, three registered businesses, and six properties in Portapique and Halifax.

“It really is about us doing whatever it takes to ensure that the interests of our clients, families and individual victims of the events of April 2020 […] are protected. I don’t know if any part of this process is fun for our families, ”said Sandra McCulloch of Patterson Law, counsel for the plaintiffs’ representatives, as quoted by“ Global ”.

Lisa Banfield had told police that the night the killing started in Portapique, the killer attacked and tied her up. She would have managed to get rid of herself and hide in the woods, before returning to her house the next morning.

A second class action lawsuit has been filed against the RCMP, the government of Nova Scotia and the federal government, accused of failing in their duty to protect.


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