Murder, casualties in the US presidential election day
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Murder, casualties in the US presidential election day

The shooting took place on November 4 (Vietnam time) in the US city of Henderson, killing 4 people and injuring 1 person.

Just before that, the police received an emergency call to a resident’s 911 hotline in an apartment building, announcing a nearby shooting.

Oh, love in the old days of Tong Thong My
US security forces deployed in presidential election day.

When approaching the scene, the city police and SWAT Task Force found two victims seriously injured and “1 suspect” near a car.

Details of the case will be released after a full police investigation.

Meanwhile, many people were injured in the clash between Trump’s supporters and opponents in front of the White House.

Black Lives Matter (BLV) protesters, angered when one protested them shouted, “Every white person’s life matters, whites matter.”

Several published photos show the man speaking to a protester before being shoved into a barricade and surrounded. He was punched and kicked, pushed to the ground before trying to escape and walked away.

Meanwhile a man dressed in “Make America Great Again”, the slogan of US President Donald Trump, scrambled with a BLM protester and taunted him before jumping into a fight.

Screams and swearing resounded during the tense dispute between protesters and police, forcing police to retreat from the Black Lives Matter Plaza building to cool off.

Protesters threatened to stay and riot around the White House for weeks if President Trump was re-elected. At least three BLM protesters were arrested and many were injured.

The first happened when protesters disobeyed police orders. The authorities ordered the removal of a vehicle from an illegal park and arrested a person with charges against public service and disruptive.

The second arrest occurred when the bicycle police team deployed to intervene in a scuffle. Meanwhile, the National Guard has deployed in 16 states to prepare for the unrest.

Meanwhile, news agency Sky News said, Michigan state, these days are gradually becoming a hot spot for armed activities at home.

“Many people don’t know the process of buying and selling guns,” said Bill Kucyk, owner of a gun shop in Michigan.

They just want to buy guns, and I get about 100 calls a day. Normally, there were hundreds of guns in stock, but now they were all sold out. The store has been out of stock several times already. “

Michigan residents are arming themselves because they fear civil unrest could arise in the event of a disputed presidential election.

Veteran intelligence expert Javed Ali with more than 20 years of experience working with Homeland Security and the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) told Sky News that there are three factors that lead to Americans Recently rushed to buy guns.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic and numerous restrictions, protests after the death of black citizen George Floyd, and ultimately because of some political rhetoric that prompted individuals to plan. for acts of violence.

Speaking to a crowd in the state of Delaware on Wednesday morning, Mr. Biden said: “I’m here to tell you tonight, we are confident we are on track to win this election.

Currently everything is not over until all the votes are counted. But look, we feel good about our current position. We really can do it, “Mr. Biden declared.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump spoke from the White House early in the morning on November 4, praising the lead results in the battlefield states and confidently “winning”.

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