Multiple Charges Treating Child Abusers for Wiseman

Multiple Charges Treating Child Abusers for Wiseman

One of the most important Quebec television producers, who produced, among other things, the show Everybody talks about it until recently, this morning received the treatment of child abusers during his brief appearance for sex crimes against a minor.

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“It is to protect society, protect young people, to be sure that crimes are not committed”, explained the Crown prosecutor Me Annabelle Sheppard, shortly after the appearance of Luc Wiseman.

Wiseman, 64, was conspicuous by his absence this morning at the Montreal courthouse, while appearing for sex crimes against a minor under 16.

Listen to the legal column with Nada Boumeftah, criminal law and youth protection lawyer on QUB radio:

In addition to counts of assault and sexual interference, he is charged with striking the victim, and producing and possessing child pornography. Everything would have taken place from November 2018 to last April, in Montreal and Duhamel, in the Outaouais.

“This kind of case is never easy [pour les plaignantes] but I can assure that [la victime alléguée de Wiseman] has the support of the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions, said Me Sheppard. Several services are available to him, as well as meeting possibilities. “

Strict conditions

At this stage of the proceedings, Wiseman obviously benefits from the presumption of innocence. However, the mission of the Crown is to protect the public, so much so that it asked the court to add conditions of liberty to Wiseman.

Thus, by the end of the procedures, the deposed producer will no longer be able to be in parks, swimming pools or playgrounds where children under 16 may be found.

He will also be prohibited from working, voluntarily or not, with young people with whom he has a relationship of authority.

Its contact with minors will also be limited.

“These are conditions often imposed in this type of case,” explained Me Sheppard.

Wiseman, who is defended by Me Alexandre Bien-Aimé, will return to court in September for further proceedings.


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