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MULTIMEDIA – Experience fast new features on Edge chromium, Global Media Control

Global Media Control: Control global communications This is a new feature Google is testing on the Chrome browser, which is a pop up menu that controls the new music player that is present on the browser toolbars. And since Microsoft Edge chromium uses Google Chrome, the feature has quickly landed.


  • First, download the MS Edge Chromium here, choose whatever version of Dev or Cavary is, download the installation
  • On the shortcut Edge on the desktop, right click, select Properties

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  • At the Target line, add the following line –enable-features = GlobalMediaControls, note is before –enable There is a space

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  • Click OK, this time there will be a pop up for Admin rights, press Continue to continue, DONE.

Open Edge Chromium, access youtube, open any video, this time on the right corner next to the profile icon will appear the play triangle button, click will show pop up management of youtube videos playing. we can pause, play, rewind the youtube video in any tab, not just the youtube tab is running, very nice : cool:

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Same with dailymotion service

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Do a funny test, I open 1 tab youtube, 1 dailymotion tab, then I go through another tab to read the newspaper, click on the play button to see it pop up of any party? The situation is that it will pop up the tab which I opened most recently, for example, I open the tab youtube and then through the tab read newspapers will pop up youtube, if you click through the tab dailymotion finished back and forth tab reading newspapers, click on Please pop up dailymotion ;)

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Quick experience, I see some things as follows:

Advantages: manage youtube videos, dailymotion from any tab, not switch back and forth, just read the newspaper and listen to music from these two services


  • Not very stable, there is a status when opening Edge Chromium when it shows the G.M.C button, when not
  • Only support youtube and dailymotion

Please download it and try to see if there are any other feedback errors, Google Chrome is something new that Edge Chromium has right now. ;)

P / S: when I press the volume up and down button combination of window, I see a pop up near the same of G.B.C but only the play button can be used, but the next button with previous is not : p. It can't be used without this function : rolleyes:

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Source: windowslatest


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