'Mulberry School' Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Chan-won Lee-Min-ho Jang, Trotman F4 'Entertainment X Mong-pung'
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‘Mulberry School’ Lim Young-woong-Young-tak-Chan-won Lee-Min-ho Jang, Trotman F4 ‘Entertainment X Mong-pung’

[스포츠조선닷컴 이지현 기자] “From the first episode, I heard and released the home theater with ‘Mong-pung’!”

‘Mulberry School’ Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Chan-won Lee, and Min-ho Jang completed the first class of high art prestigious arts with a good sense of art and mulberry.

TV CHOSUN’s new program ‘Mulberry School’, which was aired at 10 o’clock on the night of the 13th, recorded 13.2% of nationwide viewer ratings based on Nielsen Korea, and completed the first place in all channels of 水 entertainment, shooting the birth of a new concept class variety. On this day’s broadcast, Trotman F4 entered the prestigious art high school ‘Mulberry School’, bursting with passion in the first class with his mother, and even the home theater burned the heat of the school.

After riding the bicycle, Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, and Chan-won Lee entered the gates of the ‘Mulberry School’ side by side, and during the entrance ceremony, Jang Min-ho, a late sensation student, arrived, and the four introduced themselves by singing with a short testimony. Im Young-woong showed thorough readiness to take the microphone out of his bag and sang ‘The Elevator, Not the Stairs’. Young-Tak sang ‘Why Do You Come Out’ with the embarrassment of going to school with the senior Im Young-woong? Chan-won Lee sang ‘The Reason for the Man’ who raised the accompaniment three times, and Jang Min-ho sang ‘The National Highway No. 7’ with the goal of senior graduation. Following that, Trotman F4 celebrated admission by singing the song of ‘Mulberry School’ together.

After moving to the classroom, the Trotman F4 entered the class president’s election, shouting the screams of ‘calling a male runner’ with the meaning of ‘let’s give hope and comfort with a song’. At this time, the mothers of Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, and Min-ho Jang quietly opened the classroom, and applauded while watching the election scene where Lim Young-woong as the sports manager, Young-tak as the entertainment manager, Chan-won Lee as the ethics manager, and Jang Min-ho as the class leader. Hyeon-hee Hong, ‘Chanwon Daily Mom’ appeared on behalf of Chan-Won Lee’s mother and turned the scene over. Then, the Trotman F4 mothers, unlike their sons, who showed off their pride for their mother, exposed the shortcomings of the moments and the shortcomings of their son, and embarrassed the Trotman F4 and laughed.

At the time to meet the mother’s ‘Mong-pyeon’ prepared before the full-fledged class, the mothers provoked the game, and Hong Hyun-hee, who came out as the first runner, threw off her shoes and set the stage with a dazzling choreography. Jang Min-ho’s mom showed her the ability to digest three song classes a week, and showed her ‘Wool Mom’, while Young Tak’s mom moistened the whole classroom with ‘Aunt’. Im Young-woong’s mother showed off her singing skills as a ‘outrageous woman’. While the mothers perfectly adapted to the ‘Mulberry School’, Jang Min-ho’s mom said that the seat has just arrived after ‘Mr. Trot’, and that the party, Jang Min-ho, even faced her face without knowing, and Young-Tak’s mother had sun in two places. Confession came in, and the atmosphere was warm.

In the long-awaited first class, a treason battle was held by the Trotman F4 sons. Young Tak turned the classroom into a cheering place with ‘To You’, and Im Young-woong showed the basics of Trot by singing ‘Don’t Go’ with the strength of his mother’s three-kind set. Lee Chan-won, with the support of Hong Hyun-hee’s colorful pollen, achieved a great consolidation of the class with ‘friends like a pill’ and Jang Min-ho with ‘don’t ask’. Young-woong Lim and Chan-won Lee, who took the first place, delivered a big gift of 100,000 won in cash with a big bow to their mother.

Afterwards, the Trotman F4 changed into the same personalized gym suit as his mother and gathered at the playground to unravel his body with the ’round and round’ game. Mothers and sons who were expressing the mulberry that was hiding inside, enthusedly for a while, enthusiasmally fought to win the game, and Young Tak and Jang Min-ho became the final winners to win the necessities. In addition, in the game ‘Hot Hugs’, Young Tak and Young Tak’s mom popped 10 balloons in 30 seconds to win the air purifier.

Prior to the last class, ‘Song to Mom,’ the sons’ treasure box was prepared by the mothers. Young-woong Lim’s mother took out the jewelry box that her son presented when she was in elementary school. Next, after Young Tak’s mother pulled out Young Tak’s elementary school picture diary, she revealed her confession that she borrowed a video from her girlfriend’s house in the first grade of elementary school, and laughed.

On the other hand, a video call was made for Lee Chan-won, who would have had a vacant mother’s seat all day, and Lee Chan-won poured tears like a child and said, “I want to see her” when the mother’s face appeared on the monitor. He sang ‘Bon Seon-hwa’s love affair’ and delivered infinite love. Young Tak sang Nahun-ah’s ‘Love’ to her mother, and Jang Min-ho’s ‘Man Says’ to his mother who raised and raised all his youth. Next, Jang Min-ho said, “I’m sorry for being too late.” Lastly, Im Young-woong, who pledged not to cry with her mother, sang ‘A Woman Like a Destiny’ and made a happy life.

The viewers who watched the TV show, “It was’ punch-sniping properly! ‘Really new entertainment!”, “I laughed and danced because of the Trotman F4 and cried at the end! Real time shining entertainment!”, “I can’t cheat! Trotman mothers’ entertainment Persimmon explosion! “,” The Trotman F4 doesn’t lose expectations! Infinite growth in the ‘Mulberry School’! ” And explosive reactions.

Meanwhile, the TV CHOSUN ‘Mulberry School’ is broadcast every Wednesday at 10pm.


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