'Mulberry School' Lee Dong-guk X Lim Young-woong, 'Now I believe in only me' emotional explosion duet

‘Mulberry School’ Lee Dong-guk X Lim Young-woong, ‘Now I believe in only me’ emotional explosion duet

Mulberry School (Photo=TV CHOSUN)

‘Mulberry School: Life School’ Mulberry 6 Young-woong Lim, Young-tak, Chan-won Lee, Min-ho Jang, Hee-jae Kim, Yun-seong Hwang, ‘Golf King’ Kim Mi-hyeon and Lee Dong-guk A fantastic chemistry with laughter bombs was thrown into the bedroom on Wednesday night.

The 57th episode of TV CHOSUN’s ‘Mulberry School: Life’s School’, aired on the 30th, recorded a nationwide rating of 8.9% according to Nielsen Korea, and the highest rating in Bundang soared to 10.5%, revealing the dignity of the number one in demand entertainment. On this day’s broadcast, Wednesday night was energized with a full-fledged golf challenge, from the 6-family golf wear fashion show, which took part in a joint class with the ‘Golf King’, to a quiz on the wind to improve concentration, and a golf showdown for extraordinary entertainment.

Bong6, who drew attention by showing off their individual golf fashions, measured their body age with ‘jump rope’ and ‘elbow lift’ before a full-fledged golf class. While Pong 6 gave an unexpected body gag and devastated the scene, Jang Min-ho was admiring at the age of his 30s, while Lim Young-woong received a 98-year-old result and provoked laughter. After that, I started a class with the theme of ‘hand in hand’, and golf class Kim Mi-hyeon and Lee Dong-guk appeared and drew attention. Kim Mi-hyun picked Yeong-tak as a member who is likely to play golf well, and said, “Looking at the costume, it seems that the lower body has already been nailed to the ground. The lower body is important,” he explained, and, on the other hand, to Hwang Yun-seong, he said, “People who can’t do this well dress up like this,” making everyone laugh.

Then, Kim Mi-hyeon and Lee Dong-guk, who became team leaders for one day, had a ‘pong power divergence song time’ to receive the selection of the Pong 6 team members. First, Kim Mi-hyun selected ‘Mokro Bar’ and excited the audience with her cool singing ability and cute dance moves. Next, Lee Dong-guk caught on to his trembling heart and challenged Lim Young-woong’s ‘Now I Only Trust’, and showed off the charm of a twist with a sweet tone. In addition, as the duet stage was completed with Lim Young-woong’s support fire, the scene was colored with a moist sensibility. Afterwards, Lim Young-woong, Young-tak, and Lee Chan-won formed the Bad Rain team with Lee Dong-guk, and Jang Min-ho, Kim Hee-jae, and Hwang Yun-seong formed the crazy team with Kim Mi-hyun.

Before the showdown, Lee Dong-guk’s children, Seol-a, Su-a, and Xi-an, made a surprise visit and surprised everyone with a new class golf demonstration. Then, one person from each team became a human target and received the flying ball as their body, and the team that acquired the most wins the ‘Takful Snag Golf’ match, and against the fantastic breathing of Lee Dong-guk and Lim Young-woong, Hwang Yun-seong’s performance that does not spare the body Both teams were tied. Then, when Chan-won Lee received the balls from Mi-hyun Kim and Min-ho Jang, Min-ho Jang filled the score with his quickness, but missed the last point, and the bad rain team won.

Next, the first round ‘Lee Gu-dong Song’ competition was drawn in which Master Boom pointed to a team and said the singer’s name, in which four people had to sing the same song at the same time to succeed. Both teams failed repeatedly in the high-difficulty game, and the crazy team managed to narrowly win one win with Cho Yong-pil’s ‘short hair’. The second round ‘Mixed Quiz’, in which the song names were matched with the singers of three mixed songs, was also crazy, and the team scored first consecutively with perfect teamwork, but the team made a tie with the pick-up skill of the Bad Rain team and the performance of Lim Young-woong. In the final problem to decide the match, Hwang Yun-sung and Lee Chan-won’s fluttering excitement, Kim Hee-jae gave a pack of laughter, saying, “Friends do the same thing, so” and Hwang Yun-sung hit Kim Won-jun’s ‘Show’ and went crazy. The team went crazy at the end of the class to improve concentration. took the win

Finally, in the tee shot zone, the team that succeeds in the hole-in-one first by hitting the ball won the ‘hole-in-one’ competition, the flower of golf. When extraordinary items such as konjang, spatula, and billiard cue table appeared along with specially made greens, they could not hide their embarrassment, and Pong 6 chose a golf club through a game of bouncing golf balls in a row. Jang Min-ho and Young-tak, who chose mini golf clubs for the game, showed off their threatening skills and aroused resentment. Hwang Yun-seong chose a badminton club, Lee Chan-won a baseball bat, and Kim Hee-jae selected a paddle, but it led to failure. Lim Young-woong robbed the eyes by throwing a hockey stick to the fans, while Kim Mi-hyun, who started putting the flip flops, and Lee Dong-guk, who chose the filial son, demonstrated the skills of a team leader, but failed one after another. However, as failures continued, everyone sat down with no sense of competition, hoping for only one success. At this time, Mi-hyun Kim made a dramatic hole-in-one with a flipper, causing cheers in the field to explode. And the crazy team, who won the final championship, enjoyed a top-notch steak with the honor of winning and an injury.

Meanwhile, ‘Mulberry School: Life School’, which contains the trotmen’s entertainment challenges, is broadcast every Wednesday at 10 pm.

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