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Mulan's first live version of the trailer: the billion-dollar fairy came out

Today we see Mulan's first trailer live-action version, from the popular animated film familiar to many older brothers from Disney. In the film, Mulan character will be played by the fairy god billionaire Liu Yifei, daughter of Huo Hu (played by actor Tzi Ma) and will be replaced by her father in the face of "rustic face" and pretty god. thai (before the makeup is a bit weird in the previous scenes).

Besides Liu Yifei, the film also has the appearance of a number of other actors such as Chan Tzu, Yoson An as the mistress of Mulan, Gong Li (who plays the role of Xianniang, which is not included in the original cartoon). and Ly Lien Kiet as the king. However, we did not see the appearance of the Mushu dragon accompanying Mulan as the original (I don't know if it was just to be put in the trailer or left )

With what is shown through this first trailer, there will certainly be a lot of controversy, but I think it is quite worth the hope after the series of live-action recently, such as skinny Lamp God, Lion King, Dumbo, …


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