MU screamed 100 million pounds sold Pogba, challenge Real - Juventus

MU screamed 100 million pounds sold Pogba, challenge Real – Juventus

MU screamed 100 million pounds sold Pogba, challenge Real – Juventus

Saturday, April 25, 2020 10:11 AM (GMT + 7)

United sublimated with the steady light of rookie Bruno Fernandes. That also means, “Red Devils” are ready for life not Paul Pogba.

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Super trigger Mino Raiola just made a shocking statement. Speaking to Marca newspaper, “The fat guy” revealed: “My relationship with Real Madrid is quite good. I want to bring a high-class player there and I will try this summer. It is an honor for me and the other people. My player by Real Madrid is the great team “.

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MU is ready for life not Pogba

That is an extremely clear sign that Paul Pogba is about to part with MU, ready to join Real Madrid in this summer fair of 2020. Meanwhile, at Old Trafford, the elite “Red Devils” are also planning a new plan for the future of this team. And there, Paul Pogba was left to the sidelines of the plan.

In fact, right from the summer of 2018 – when Jose Mourinho was in office, the player cost £ 89 million to keep the club transfer record 4 years ago and asked to leave. And since then, every summer and winter has passed, Pogba and his greedy representative – Mino Raiola find a way to “defect”, despite the difficult situation and scarcity of the team’s talent. that this player used to eat in his childhood.

But after the success of rookie Bruno Fernandes, MU elite also understand that now is the time for the “Red Devils” to get rid of dependence on Paul Pogba. In fact, MU is trying to learn from the great rival Liverpool.

Only from selling Coutinho to re-invest Van Dijk and Alisson Becker did the team become that strong. It should be remembered that the importance of Coutinho to Liverpool at that time was not inferior to the current Pogba with MU, even more.

Even if MU wants to keep Pogba, this is always a difficult task. Coming into the summer market in 2020, the Old Trafford team is still stuck in the task of persuading Pogba to renew a new contract. The current French midfielder’s current contract with the Old Trafford team is still valid until the summer of 2021, with the terms automatically extended for another year.

According to the Daily Mail, even if the new contract with a salary of £ 350,000 attached to the terms could be raised to £ 500,000 like Alexis Sanchez, Pogba is still not interested in staying.

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Will Pogba come to Real?

Tranfermarkt statistics and evaluation page – as of April 2020, valued Paul Pogba at £ 90 million. However, the Daily Mail revealed information from internal MU said that this team wants to collect 100 million pounds in the case of selling Paul Pogba. This is a large enough number to challenge Real Madrid and Juventus – two teams that have long wanted the French player.

No one is sure whether Real Madrid is interested in Paul Pogba or not. Remember after Real beat Atletico Madrid in the Spanish Super Cup on January 13, President Florentino Perez personally denied speculation that Real would try to recruit Paul Pogba: “I don’t know who Pogba is. Remember, Valverde is rated as one of Real Madrid’s brightest young stars in the near future. “

Therefore, the highest possibility is Paul Pogba repatriated to Juventus. The problem of “old lady” is money, because £ 100 million is a really big number. Remember in the summer market in 2019, then Juventus was also pursuing Pogba.

Even so, the Serie A champion is looking to the giant in sportswear and Adidas for help. Specifically, Juventus wants this giant to pay half the transfer fee but only receives a head shake.

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