MU revealed bad news about coach Solskjaer’s future

Manchester United club recently announced the future of coach Solskjaer.

Remember, at the beginning of the season this year, the future of Solskjaer coach at Manchester United was shaken violently when the Reds had a poor track record and only stood in the second half of the Premier League.

Although, at the moment, MU has returned to the orbit with a relatively impressive series of achievements, the Red Devils are ranked second in the Premier League, reaching the quarterfinals of the FA Cup and the round of 1/16 Europa League . Once again, however, the future of the Norwegian strategist at Old Trafford is uncertain.

Coach Solskjaer is still not sure the future at MU (Image: Internet)

Specifically, according to The Sun, MU CEO Ed Woodward has no intention of renewing the contract with Ole Gunnar Solskjaer. The 47-year-old military leader has less than 17 months in the contract with MU and the Red Devils’ leadership is said to be based on the team’s end-of-season performance to make a decision.

If it is possible to help MU achieve good results when this season ends, coach Solskjaer will be “rewarded” with a new 2-year contract. On the contrary, if the Red Devils continue to show a bleak face, lack of vitality, the Norwegian strategist will find it difficult to keep the chair.

This is considered bad news for coach Solskjaer because MU is facing a pretty thick schedule ahead. From February 19 to March 6, the Red Devils will have to meet stubborn rivals Real Sociedad, Man City and Chelsea.

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