MSI Trident A 9th Gaming PC – Review Gaming Gear

In common sense, powerful machines often come with a huge size. Thus, the assembler can comfortably arrange components, radiator fans, even water radiators for the whole system to achieve the most effective heat dissipation. So among the "PC hobby" also appeared a very elaborate "playing profession", which is the interesting playing of ITX compact machine in which players try to shrink the size of the powerful machines inside. a small chassis but still ensures the quality of internal components. This means that these mini-units still carry the power of "monsters" of large-sized units.

With MSI Trident A, "Red dragon team" has done everything to help you, from choosing components, designing, wiring, assembling and installing, everything you need to do is just open, plug in and … update program before installing games and playing. You don't have to spend most of your time and effort to own a compact yet extremely powerful ITX machine that is suitable for any environment, from a tight desk, to "humble sitting" side TV in the living room, or even bring a backpack to LAN Party competitions with only slightly more volume than a "heavy" gaming laptop.

Truong Thanh

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