MSI RX 5700 "stalls" before launch –

The MSI RX 5700 "tucked away" before its debut

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After the "cold goods" of ASRock "revealed" yesterday, it was MSI's turn to "product" the product today. MSI RX 5700 mine.

As promised in the launch event MSI 2019 product line took place a few years ago, the version MSI RX 5700 designed and manufactured by the company will be released in August with a variety of versions to cater to the diverse needs of users, especially fans of "red team".

Due to the specific launch schedule, it is no wonder MSI released some original images of the product MSI RX 5700 However, this is just a fleeting "stall" to "fans" taste so the image is quite small and not as sharp as the clear image of ASRrock.

It can be seen that the first version will probably belong to the Ventus product line with two radiator fans, very similar to the MSI RTX 2060 Ventus product that introduced to readers a long time ago but with the difference that the fan borders are white instead of green as on the product coming from "blue team"

Currently, the company has yet to announce more details such as its speed and power configuration MSI RX 5700Perhaps, this information will continue to be kept secret until the launch date because the expected time is not far away. will provide more information about this issue to readers as soon as possible.

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