MSI GTX 960 100ME – Review Gaming Gear

While many graphics cards, even in the mid-end segment like R7 370, have been "upgrading" to 4GB GDDR5. MSI GTX 960 100ME still only stands at the base 2GB of a few years ago. Therefore, the power of GTX 960 processor chip cannot promote the maximum power in many modern games.

Such as in the game Batman: Arkham Knight, 2GB VRAM level only allows setting the level of surface texture (texture) at low level, otherwise, "borrowing" system RAM to compensate for the lack of VRAM will cause the game to jerk with frame rate image swings erratically.

Even with "hardware assassins" The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, many of NVIDIA's "exclusive" features such as "Hairwork" cannot work because graphics cards lack serious RAM. This also deprives the "monopoly" of these proprietary technologies, reducing somewhat the competition with competitors from the "red team".

Due to the weak RAM, most heavy games can only "carry" at High instead of Very High as graphics cards with 4GB GDDR5 own segment.


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