MSI built the new AMD 400 series of motherboards, ready to support Ryzen 3000

MSI built the new AMD 400 series of motherboards, ready to support Ryzen 3000

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After the release of AMD Ryzen 3000 series, MSI also jumped into the game by launching a new line of motherboards AMD 400 to support this new central processor database.

Motherboard MSI AMD 400 This time, it will be supported with larger BIOS chips, the reason for this is because AMD's processors are continuously developing, AMD 300 series motherboards and AMD 400 The old life has run out of space to store microcode and memory training tables.

Another reason is that ASMedia's two integrated circuit products, B550 and A520, will not reach the motherboard manufacturers until the fourth quarter, leading to new motherboards that may not appear at the end. this year until early next year. For that reason the need to use the stream AMD 400 The AMD Ryzen 3000 on the market is still very high when buyers don't want to bring about the much more expensive X570 series of motherboards.

According to PurePC, MSI has also replaced the 16 MB BIOS chip used previously on A320, B450 and X470 motherboards with 32 MB chips. Upgraded motherboards will add the MAX suffix to the back (eg X470 Gaming Pro MAX or the Mortar MAX B450M).

Currently, MSI has released a BIOS beta (Beta BIOS) for some older AM4 motherboards to support AMD Ryzen 3000 series. However, motherboard manufacturers have had to reduce a lot of features such as Remove all eye candy from the BIOS interface. All the interesting and flashy elements from the "click BIOS 5" interface have been replaced with boring black backgrounds and simple icons, MSI calls this new interface "click BIOS (GSE Lite). . "

To "fire" and release memory for the new AMD Ryzen 3000 CPU series, MSI has "cut" the A-series APU series and Bristol Ridge Athlon, such as A12-9800, A10-9700 and Athlon X4 970 and some other models on current X470 motherboards.

MSI also removes RAID modules to free up memory, if you upgrade to Beta BIOS to support newer CPUs, you will basically lose all RAID functions and you will not be able to use this feature. Future. will provide more detailed information about these products to readers in the near future.

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