MS Word - Lesson 6: Format text
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MS Word – Lesson 6: Format text

Format text in Word that we will change the items including alignment, paragraph position compared to the previous and next paragraphs, the margin of the first line, the distance to the paragraph above or below, the distance between lines in a paragraph. Formatting paragraphs in Word also makes a difference to the content, when you want to emphasize that content. The following article will guide you how to format a paragraph of Word text.

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  • How to hide paragraphs in Word
  • How to make the first big bullet of text on Word

Guidelines for formatting paragraphs of Word

We open the Word document to be edited and then highlight the text to be formatted. To format the text in Word, users immediately use icons on the interface or through the Paragraph dialog box.

1. Use the format command buttons

In the Paragraph group there are several tools for formatting. We highlight the text to be edited. To align you click on the icons in the list.

Align Text Left (Ctrl + L): Align to the left edge.

Align to left

Center (Ctrl + E): Center alignments

Align center

Align Text Right (Ctrl + R): Align to the right edge.

Align to right

Justify (Ctrl + J): Spread out both left and right.

Align 2 sides

Change the whole paragraph including 2 options. Decrease Indent to increase left indent.

Increase left indent

Increase Indent to reduce left indent.

Choose to reduce left indent

Line spacing in paragraph: Click on the arrow to the right of the command button Line spacing to choose.

Choose a distance

2. Format the paragraph using the Paragraph dialog box

Step 1:

Click on the Home tab and look down Paragraph group, click on the arrow.

Select the Paragraph group

Step 2:

Display Paragraph interface so we can format the text. We will proceed to adjust the items in Indents and Spacing.

Format editing interface

In General section includes 2 custom:

  • Alignment: Align text left or right.
  • Outline level: Select the level of the paragraph.

Click the General tab

In Indentation item There are 3 adjustment items including:

  • Left and Right: Select paragraph distance to the left and right margins
  • Special: Select the paragraph indentation style, First line is the indentation in the first line of a paragraph.
  • By: Distance of indentation

Correction Indentation section

In Item Spacing There are options to format the spacing between lines.

  • Before: The distance between the first line of a paragraph and the paragraph above.
  • After: The space between the last line of a paragraph and the paragraph below.
  • Line Spacing: The distance between lines in the same paragraph, Single is the distance of 1 unit line, 1.5 Line is 1.5 times the unit line, Multiple the distance is n times the unit line with n is the value in the At section.
  • At: A numeric value indicating the distance between lines in the same paragraph.

All selected text formats will appear in the Preview interface for you to preview. Click OK to apply.

Adjust the Sapcing section

So you know how to format text in Word 2007. In the Paragraph dialog box, there will be more detailed options to format the paragraph.

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I wish you successful implementation!


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