Ms. Thai Anh Van voiced the Chinese boycott of the brand to stop using Xinjiang cotton

Ms. Thai Anh Van voiced the Chinese boycott of the brand to stop using Xinjiang cotton

Following H&M, other international brands such as Nike were also boycotted by China for refusing to use Xinjiang cotton. Taiwanese artists Au Duong Na Na, Truong Quan Ninh, Hua Quang Han, etc., have all canceled cooperation with these brands. In this regard, Taiwanese President Thai Anh Van said that the Beijing government let nationalism and patriotism be put under pressure on businesses, which will not make any sense. Be positive.

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President Thai Anh Van of Taiwan (Photo Credit: Taiwan Presidential Palace)

On March 26, Taiwan President Thai Anh Van posted an article on Facebook indicating that in the past few days, the topic of Uighur human rights and Xinjiang cotton continued to be noticed by the international community. running cross-border companies.

Ms. Thai Anh Van said that the Beijing government needs to think carefully about nationalism and patriotism. Putting pressure on the business will not bring any positive meaning, nor will it work to help the goal of promoting China to become the so-called “responsible big country ”.

Ms. Thai Anh Van emphasized that, going back to the nature of the matter, human rights are universal values, hoping that the Beijing government can look directly at the Uighur human rights issue, “Only with the end of repression can international suspicions be dissolved, the conflict opposition can be dissolved”.

Ms. Thai Anh Van also posted an article on Twitter, then former US Ambassador to the United Nations Kelly Craft shared her tweet. In her tweet, Ms. Kelly Craft also thanked Mrs. Thai Anh Van for continuing “shining“Beijing’s treatment of Xinjiang Uighurs, she also kept an eye on “human right” and “Taiwan”.

Regarding the fact that many Chinese, Hong Kong, and Taiwanese artists have acted in response to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), quickly cut off cooperation with related brands, assistant professor La Thu Vien belongs Taiwan Dong Wu University has an article on Facebook saying that most Taiwanese artists do not have any political perception, they do not know or care about what is totalitarian. For them, politics is the subject that is best left untouched, “The image in the play, just to serve the needs of making money, does not represent that their daily life and their mind is like that.”

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The Chinese showbiz world is busy “Proved patriotism”Regarding the cotton issue in Xinjiang. Photos of the artists “patriotic efforts”: Duong Mi, Au Duong Na Na, Banh Vu Yen (Source: video screen capture).

Mr. La Thu Vien said that the management company made a choice on their behalf, people naturally have the right to condemn, but they are Taiwanese, not without other options, did not have to worry about food. to wear but choose to coordinate with the CCP, “I can’t say I don’t care, don’t know the Xinjiang situation, can I?”

Mr. La Thu Vien emphasized that the management companies of these artists would rather violate the termination of the contract to stay in the mainland market, so the Taiwanese people looked at Taiwan without seeing the event. This Xinjiang genocide can of course also deny the products they represent or their works.

He said, “These artists are not so hungry that they have no food, they can only rely on the Chinese market, outside of China, Taiwan and other Chinese communities to the whole world, probably not. Is there room for them to stand? Forced to step on the Uighur tragedy in order to move forward? “

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Political commentator Li Chinh Hao pointed out, Xinjiang cotton is considered “Blood cotton and sweat”, not because of blood and sweat during production and harvesting, but for becoming a source of money “Xinjiang production construction corps”.

He explained, the Xinjiang production corps is a 4-in-1 organization consisting of the party, the government, the military, and businesses. Its money is based on cotton. These sources of money continue to pour into “Xinjiang re-education camp“, Forcing Xinjiang Muslims to eat pork, study Chinese.

Previously, the BBC reported that it had also revealed that ethnic minorities in Xinjiang were forced to labor for re-education, trial and punishment, even tormented by corporal punishment; women suffer “Sexual abuse”Collectively, if Xinjiang women get married and become pregnant, the government will force abortion, leading to a drop in the birth rate in Xinjiang from 2017 to 2019 below 50%.

Mr. Li said that the United States and the European Union have expressed a clear attitude that the CCP’s inhumane behavior in Xinjiang is “Genocide”.

Minh Tu, Vision Times

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