Ms. Pelosi plans to form an independent commission to investigate the Capitol chaos

Ms. Pelosi plans to form an independent commission to investigate the Capitol chaos

According to Breitbart, on February 15, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that it would set up an independent outside committee to investigate last month’s riot at the US Capitol, similar to the day terror. September 11, 2011.

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In her letter to her Democratic colleague Pelosi said the committee would “Investigation and reporting of events and causes related to the January 6, 2021 domestic terrorist attack on the Capitol Complex of the United States … and implications for the intervention peacefully delegate power. “

The Chairman of the House of Representatives also emphasized that the members of the committee are people “Outside and independent“, Will work in style “Committee to investigate terrorism on September 11, 2001”. This new committee will examine evidence related to the preparation and response of the Capitol police and law enforcement forces.

According to CNBC, in fact the investigation of the violence has even been scheduled with hearings scheduled to take place from the end of February 2021 at the Senate Rules Committee. In addition, grandmother Pelosi also affirmed that the House of Representatives will also spend additional to strengthen security at the Capitol to avoid a situation like on January 6.

Pelosi’s announcement comes two days after the US Senate voted to acquit former President Donald Trump in the second impeachment case. The Senate voted 57-43, of which 7 Republican senators voted in favor of the sentence.

Some prominent Democrats in the Senate, including Sen. Chris Coons (Delaware) have expressed support for the establishment of a committee to investigate similar to the 9/11 terrorist. “There is still a lot of evidence that the American people need and deserve to be heard, and this commission is a way to make sure we can guarantee [an ninh cho] The Capitol in the future, ” Mr. Coons said.

In another development, Mr McConnell told Republican senators just before the vote that he would support the acquittal of former President Trump. In a speech after the vote, Republicans in Kentucky said the president must “Practically and ethically responsible for inciting the events of that day” but the Senate has no authority to do anything because Mr Trump is out of office.

According to FoxNews, some Republican lawmakers have even questioned House Speaker Pelosi’s role in decisions related to security failures during the January 6 riots: “As you know, the Speaker of the House of Representatives is not only the leader of the majority party, but also has great responsibilities of the agency. The Chairman is responsible for all operational decisions made in the House of Representatives. ”

In response, Mrs. Pelosi’s office denied all responsibility surrounding the case above, It said that planning to prepare for security threats in Congress was the responsibility of the National Assembly Police Council.

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