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Ms. Pelosi is accused of violating her own metal detector code


Republican lawmakers are asking House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to pay a $ 5,000 fine after alleging that her use of the secret entrance at the Capitol violated the rules of the detector inspection itself. metal that she laid out.

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“Please play by the rules, Ms. Chairman”, Rep. Dan Crenshaw (Texas) tweeted Saturday night. “Many members have seen her enter the room without going through MASTER’s metal detector. Pay a fine of $ 5,000. ”

Crenshaw’s tweet came after Rep. Rodney Davis and other lawmakers wrote a letter Friday night to Paul Blodgett – the House commissioner for order affairs – said they watched Mrs. Pelosi enter the House of Representatives on Thursday from a forbidden entrance to avoid passing metal detectors.

“Yesterday, around 9:59 am, many members saw the Speaker of the House of Representatives walk into the House of the House without completing a security check,” a letter written by Mr. Davis. “This clearly violated Resolution 73 of the House of Representatives and we asked him to fine [bà Pelosi]. Please let us know when the penalty is set. ”

Ms. Pelosi introduced a special rule of metal detectors that target some Republicans when they consider it legal to bring guns in the House of Representatives. The fine for the first offense is $ 5,000.

The GOP’s complaints came when Rep. Louie Gohmert (Republican party) became the first lawmaker to be punished under the new policy. He was fined $ 5,000 after going to the bathroom and failed to step through a metal detector by the time he entered.


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