Expert Masahiro Shimoda (left) temporarily replaces coach Vu Tien Thanh and directs Saigon FC to practice.  Photo: Thanh Anh.

Mr. Vu Tien Thanh quit training Saigon FC

Mr. Vu Tien Thanh can leave the coach of Saigon FC to take on a new role at this club.

After the Lunar New Year holiday period, the Saigon Club returned to focus on February 17, but without coach Vu Tien Thanh. The person directing all the exercises is Mr. Shimoda Masahiro – former Technical Director of Japan Football Federation. Mr. Thanh only appeared at Thanh Long Sports Center to celebrate the new year of the players.

In the following training sessions, Mr. Masahiro continued to direct, and Mr. Thanh no longer accompanied the players.

Expert Masahiro Shimoda (left) temporarily replaces coach Vu Tien Thanh and directs Saigon FC to practice. Image: Thanh Anh.

According to the source of the VnExpress, Saigon FC will replace coach Vu Tien Thanh and assign him to another job, in a senior position of the club.

Saigon FC is expected to announce the changes on Wednesday, February 24. Mr. Masahiro is likely to take the role of head coach instead of Mr. Thanh, but the training, direction and personnel plans are still the same.

Before becoming the head coach of Saigon FC from the second round of V-League 2020, Mr. Thanh was the President and Head of the Saigon FC team. He only became head coach when the team replaced coach Hoang Van Phuc right after the first round of V-League 2020. Under his direction, Saigon FC kept 11 unbeaten matches and won third place V-League 2020.

After three rounds this season, Saigon FC won two games and lost one, being fourth.

Mr. Masahiro was born in 1967 and speaks fluent English, Portuguese and Spanish. He used to be the Technical Director of the Kyoto Purple Sanga Club, then moved on to the Assistant Technical Director at FC Tokyo from 2001 to 2005.

From 2009 to 2016, he held many important positions at JFA, including the position of Technical Director for the period 2014-2016. In addition, Masahiro also serves as a director in the national team, U23, U19 and U16 Japan.

During the seven years Mr. Masahiro worked at JFA, Japanese football achieved many achievements, such as winning the 2011 Asian Cup, the Asian U23 Championship 2016, the Asian U19 Championship 2016, the Olympic semi-final 2012 …

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