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Mr Trump’s account lockout: Mr. Medvedev doesn’t understand


In an interview with the Russian media channel, Russian Federal Security Council Vice Chairman Dmitry Medvedev said that blocking Donald Trump’s social network account is an “incomprehensible” case.

Trump's account manager: Mr. Medvedev does not understand
Vice Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev. Photo: TASS

Mr. Medvedev said that the US President at that time was cut off from the voters because the US social networks had feelings for the Democrats.

“The President of the United States, who has not been charged, I insist, has never been charged against any of the terms. The story happened is that the President of the United States was cut off from his voters, while There are no legal regulations on the operation of social networks that allow this.

This is the current President of the world’s largest economy, a very important country. Why them [mạng xã hội Mỹ-ND] Re-make such a decision? That’s because they think they are doing it right. So why do they think they’re right? Because they sympathize with Democrats ”- Mr. Medvedev said.

Not only Mr. Medvedev, many Russian officials and also Russian President Vladimir Putin have mentioned the US social media banning the account of President Trump. This makes the world question the future management of social media networks, a spokesman for the Russian Foreign Ministry said.

In the interview, Mr. Medvedev said, Mr. Trump “is really a friendly person and has shown in every possible way his intention is to get along with the Russians, but with no success.”

Mr. Trump’s failure comes from the American political base when American politicians always “sabotage” the work of Donald Trump. Mr Trump has been repeatedly accused of “dancing to the Russian rhymes”, mostly referred to as “Russian agents”.

“They cornered him, and he has a hard time finding a way out. That’s why it all ends up with a constant series of additional sanctions” – he said.

In the words of Medvedev, as President of the United States, Trump declared his desire to get along with Russia and boasted that he was tougher with Russia than any other US president.

This ambiguity has led to a stalemate, in which “there has been no progress in practice, only the sanctions are continuous”.

“Honestly, not only Democrats do it, Republicans do it too” – Mr. Medvedev commented.

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