Mr. Trump was silent after the Congressional storm, the lady spoke

Mr. Trump was silent after the Congressional storm, the lady spoke

(News 24h) – The first lady of the United States commented for the first time after the riots in the National Assembly building in the middle of the President’s blocked social media accounts.

US First Lady Melania Trump recently posted a forum to respond to accusations against her after the riots at congressional headquarters on January 6. She also condemned the violent acts of the protesters.

Mr. Trump was silent after many years, the wife spoke
America’s First Lady Melania Trump

“I am disappointed and somewhat frustrated with what happened last week” – Mrs. Trump wrote in the post on the official website of the White House on 11/1.

This is the first time the US first lady has spoken publicly since her husband was accused of inciting supporters to storm the Capitol on Jan. 6.

When riot broke out at congressional headquarters last week, Mrs. Trump was reportedly overseeing a photo shoot at the White House.

In a statement dated January 11, Mrs. Trump also countered criticism aimed at her.

“Amid those traumatic events, what’s more embarrassing is that there are superficial gossip, unfounded personal attacks, and false accusations aimed at me,” Melania Trump said.

The lady affirmed: “It is the trick of the people involved (in the riot) and they have their own intentions. This moment should only be to heal our country, instead of being used for personal intrigue “.

The First Lady of America also condemned the riots, stating her opinion: Violence is never acceptable. “

Mrs. Trump also offered her condolences to the families of Trump supporters who died in the riot, and the Capitol police officers died on duty.

The First Lady’s response is said to have partly helped ease the current White House situation amid the President’s lack of action on social media due to having locked accounts.

The British Daily Mail on January 11 also cited sources in the White House as saying that the psychological development of President Trump on the day of the riots on Capitol Hill.

The US President expressed frustration at the “fall” of the Capitol, but because the protesters supporting him looked “cheap and poor”, hurting the image of the White House boss.

An unnamed source said the source of anger was when the White House boss saw a naked man with a fur hat. His identity was later determined: Jake Angelo, a far-right activist and conspiracy theorist.

Mr. Trump was silent after many years, the wife spoke
Jake Angelo, a far-right activist, drew attention when he stormed Capitol Hill on January 6 with a strange outfit.

Hours later, Trump did not answer phone calls, including one from Vice President Mike Pence with the intention of asking the president to speak on television, calling on protesters to disband.

Attempts to connect with first lady Melania Trump to reach Trump have also been unsuccessful.

In the end, it was decided to call the President’s daughter, Ivanka Trump. Everyone present walked out of the room, allowing Ivanka and her father to talk privately. It was her daughter who persuaded Mr. Trump to record his speech in a short video, broadcast on Twitter later.

The video showed Mr. Trump’s views on the protest, he condemned the protesters for rioting and urged everyone to return home.

What followed was that negotiations were gradually pushed back from the National Assembly building and Mr. Trump was also locked out of his social media accounts.

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