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Mr. Trump was acquitted in the second impeachment trial


On February 13, former President Donald Trump was acquitted by the Senate on charges of inciting insurrection.

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Voting results showed that 57 TNS voted to convict him, while 43 TNS objected. The Senate needs at least 67 votes to convict former President Trump. With the above results, the chairman had to declare Mr. Trump acquitted.

All 43 TNS acquitted Mr Trump as Republicans, while all Democrats voted to convict him. Seven Republicans have joined Democrats in an attempt to accuse the former President. These seven Republicans include: Richard Burr, Susan Collins, Bill Cassidy, Mitt Romney, Ben Sasse, Lisa Murkowski, and Pat Toomey.

“I was very concerned about such a processless and unconstitutional trial, and I voted twice to express this point. But as a juror, I had to listen to both sides’ arguments and keep an open mind, and I did it, ” TNS Tommy Tuberville, who abstained from abstaining, said in a statement shortly after voting.

“After hearing the arguments presented, I acquitted me for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I don’t think the Senate has the authority to judge a citizen.”

“The impeachment executive group in the House of Representatives launched an unconstitutional trial to humiliate the former President and his supporters. They have done nothing but prolong the pain of the American people. They have achieved one thing – Donald J. Trump was acquitted, “ TNS Marsha Blackburn, who also voted pardon, added.

Democrats, meanwhile, have accused many Republicans of intending to acquit Trump even before the trial began.

“They will obviously vote [trắng án] whatever evidence is presented, “ Democratic TNS Chris Van Hollen told reporters after the vote.

The House of Representatives impeached Trump on Jan. 13 while he was still in office with a single impeachment clause on “inciting insurrection”, accusing him of being behind the intrusion into the Capitol a week ago. there.

Trump’s lawyers argued the trial was unconstitutional because the former President is now a private citizen and accused Democrats of selectively showing edited videos, ignoring important evidence, for example like Trump telling supporters on Jan. 6 to go to the Capitol “peacefully and patriotically”.

Earlier, in his first impeachment trial, Trump was also acquitted by the Senate on two charges related to the phone call he shared with the President of Ukraine.

In a statement following Saturday’s vote, Mr. Trump said Democrats “The freedom to defame the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer crowds, defend rioters and turn justice into a tool of political revenge.”

He also said that he is always and will fight for “The rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to debate peacefully and deserve respect on matters without malice and without hatred”.

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