Mr. Trump took public opinion in the midst of impeachment storm

Mr. Trump took public opinion in the midst of impeachment storm

(News 24h) – The US President has not contacted the Vice President since the day of the Capitol Hill riot amid the risk of impeachment.

President Donald Trump on January 10 ordered a banner to commemorate two US National Assembly police officers, who were killed in the riots on January 6 on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Trump waved his hand at the legal level
Mr. Trump ordered to fly a flag to commemorate two police officers who died in the riots at Capital Hill on January 6.

Trump said the action was to pay tribute to two police officers, Brian D. Sicknick and Howard Liebengood. The event will take place at the White House and all federal buildings until the evening of January 13.

Police officer Sicknick died on January 7, after being attacked by violent protesters. In the official statement, the Capitol Hill Police announced the officer was injured while dealing with protesters who spilled into the Parliament building and died later at the hospital.

Police said it will investigate the death of police Sicknick.

Meanwhile, US authorities announced the death of police officer Liebengood on January 10. It is still not clear whether the officer’s death was related to the January 6 protests.

The Democrat’s attempt to impeach US President Donald Trump for the second time made progress over the weekend, but it is not clear if the entire Republicans will support the move.

Mr. Ted Lieu, the representative of Democrats in California, tweeted that Democrats in the US House of Representatives will introduce impeachment terms on January 11 by Mr. Trump.

Mr. Ted Lieu, who helped draft the impeachment charges against Trump, said the impeachment clauses had won the consensus of 190 people on the evening of November 9 (US time), but not yet. Which Republican officials support.

Mr. Trump initially praised his supporters at the Capitol, but condemned their violent actions in a later video. Reuters sources said Trump’s call for crowd restraint came only after senior aides urged Trump. Some have argued that Mr Trump could face leaving the White House or be held liable after the January 6 riot at the Capitol.

The impeachment of Trump in the House by Democrats will trigger a second impeachment trial in the Senate controlled by the Republicans. The Senate previously rescued Mr. Trump in his first impeachment trial against accusations that Trump threatened US national security by pressuring the President of Ukraine to investigate the business of his son Joe Biden. .

House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi is reportedly working to persuade Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment or by launching an impeachment proceeding to remove President Donald Trump.

On January 10, Nancy Pelosi said the House of Representatives will consider a resolution on Monday calling for Vice President Mike Pence to invoke the 25th Amendment. The resolution calls on Mr. Pence to “convene and lobby for the Cabinet. triggered the 25th Amendment to declare the president incapable of carrying out his duties “.

“The resolution allows Pence a 24-hour deadline to respond. After that, the House of Representatives will proceed with impeachment of the President” – stated the President of the US House of Representatives.

There are only a few days left for Mr. Trump to officially step down as US President.

President Donald Trump has not had any contact with Vice President Mike Pence in the past few days even by phone.

Previously, Mr. Trump has expressed his belief that Mr. Pence will assist him in promoting the counting of electoral votes on January 6. Although Mr. Pence did not speak directly, his assistant said that the possibility that Mr. Pence could help Mr. Trump overturn the election results is almost “zero”.

Mr. Trump waved his hand at the legal level
US President Donald Trump has not met Vice President Mike Pence since January 6.

Knowing that Mr. Pence had no intention of overturning the election results, President Trump called him a lack of “courage” for not resisting attempts to fraud the election.

Until January 6, Mr. Pence was in the “hard room” to avoid riots at the Parliament building. Since then, Mr Trump has not had any contact with the Vice President as Pence is under pressure from Democrats to push for the 25th Amendment.

NBC News reported on 9/1 that Vice President Pence will officially attend the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20. However, President Trump will not attend this inauguration. Mr. Biden was pleased with the result, saying it was a rare thing that he and Mr. Trump had agreed.

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