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Mr Trump said Republicans would not win with the leadership of TNS McConnell


Former President Donald Trump, in a strongly worded statement on Feb. 15, criticized the leadership of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (a member of the Kentucky Republican Party). Mr. Trump asserted that the Republican Party will not succeed in the future under Mr. McConnell’s leadership.

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The former president’s statement, released by his Save America PAC on Feb. 15, blamed McConnell for the loss of a Republican majority in the Senate after the event. election 2020. Mr. Trump asserted that McConnell’s failure to support his call and the Democrats for a $ 2,000 grant per American citizen was weaponized by the Democrats in the election. The Democrats promised that $ 2,000 grant checks would go to voters if they won second-round Senate elections in Georgia on Jan. 5, 2021.

He will never do what should be done, or what is right for our Country. With the necessary and appropriate, I will support any primary candidates [trong Đảng Cộng hòa] which they agree [phong trào] Making America Great Again and our America policy first. We want intelligent, strong, mature, and compassionate leaders”Mr. Trump said.

Former President Trump added: “Then came the Georgia disaster, where we should have won both Senate seats, but [ông] McConell contradicted the Democratic Party’s proposal of a $ 2,000 grant of $ 600. How did that happen? It has become a gimmick [tranh cử] key to the Democrats, and it’s a big win for them ”.

Mr. Trump added that the Republicans under the leadership of Mr. McConnell “will never do what should be done to ensure a system of free and fair elections in the future ”. He also said the Kentucky Republican “no credibility [trong vấn đề ứng phó] to China because of his family’s significant businesses in China“.

The former US Army Commander-in-Chief is probably referring to the business relationship with China of Elaine Chao, wife of Mr. McConnell and also the transportation minister under the Trump administration. Ms. Chao resigned on January 7, 2021. Ms. Chao is said to have deep ties with China through her family’s trucking business, Foremost Corporation.

Trump’s statement highlighted the growing divisions within the Republican Party, between former presidential pro-presidential officials on the one hand and the likes of McConnell and the leading Communist Party member. Republican House, Rep. Liz Cheney (Wyoming). Ms. Cheney is one of 10 Republicans, along with all Democrats, voted to pass the impeachment clause of Mr. Trump on January 13, 2021.

So far, many congressmen and senators who have voted in favor of Trump’s impeachment have been voted against by Republicans in the states they represent, through reprimanding resolution. Ms. Cheney will even face a challenge in the Republican primary election in 2022.

McConnell though voted against the charges against Trump in the Senate, but he still claimed that the former president was responsible for the hacking of the Capitol on Jan. 6. The Senate Republican leader also said that Trump could face civil or criminal charges even after being acquitted by the Senate.

In a recent Wall Street Journal comment, Mr. McConnell wrote that “Mr. Trump’s supporters flooded the Capitol because of the misleading false claims he shouted at the world’s biggest loudspeaker“And that”his behavior [Trump] during and after that commotion was also inadequate“. Mr. Trump and his lawyers denied he incited violence on January 6.

Arguing that he voted to pardon Trump was to uphold the Constitution, McConnell said the US Constitution “imply that anyone convicted by the Senate must be in office in order to be removed“. He added: “This does not mean that leaving office provides an immunity from responsibility“.

Regarding future federal congressional seat races, McConnell told Politico that he would not support the candidates Mr. Trump supports if he believes they lack credibility.

In every possible way, my goal is to have Republican representatives who could win in November. Some of them might be the people the former president likes. Some of them might be people he doesn’t like. The only thing I care about [các ứng viên] is the possibility of being elected”Mr. McConnell said.

I really think the ability to be elected – who is not who supports anyone – is crucial“, The Republican Party leader in the Senate stressed.

The Epoch Times said it contacted Sen. McConnell’s office to request comment on former President Trump’s latest statement, but have not received a response.

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