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Mr. Trump offered support for Covid-19 treatment to the British Prime Minister

The British Prime Minister said he was “fine” just two days before being admitted to the hospital
Mr. Trump proposed the support of Covid-19 treatment for British Prime Minister - 1

US President Donald Trump and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson (Image: Getty)

Follow Reuters, US President Donald Trump said on April 6 that he was sad to hear that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had to be moved to an intensive care room because his Covid-19 symptoms worsened. The White House owner said Americans wish Mr. Johnson a speedy recovery.

“I also want to send my best wishes to a very good friend of mine, a friend of our country, Prime Minister Boris Johnson. We are very sad to hear that he has to be moved to the intensive care room this afternoon, ”President Trump said at a White House press conference late April 6. He added: “All Americans wish him a speedy recovery. He was a really good friend. He is really very strong, resilient and will not give up. ”

Trump said he had asked two US drug and biotechnology companies to contact the British government to be ready to assist. “They have advanced treatments and they have come to London. Their London office has everything they need. We have been in contact with Mr. Boris’s doctors, we will wait and see if we can help, but everything is ready. ”

British Prime Minister Johnson, 55, has to move to the intensive care unit of St. Thomas ’in London yesterday afternoon after his Covid-19 symptoms worsened. He was admitted to the hospital on the evening of 5/4 after 10 days of self-isolation since he was identified with Covid-19 pneumonia. However, the Prime Minister’s Office insisted that the move to an intensive treatment room was only a “precautionary measure” and that Mr. Johnson remained alert.

During the isolation period, Mr. Johnson continued to run the government through video meetings. However, in the most recent video shared on his personal Twitter account on April 3, Mr. Johnson looked rather tired.

Experts are concerned about the health of the British Prime Minister

Derek Hill, a medical imaging specialist at the University of London, said the latest developments could indicate that Mr. Johnson’s condition is quite bad. “The new development shows that Mr. Boris Johnson is ill. heavy, “said Derek.

Linda Bauld, a public health expert at the University of Edinburgh, said: “The fact that Prime Minister Johnson had to move into an intensive care room is a big concern and shows that the new corona virus does not leave anyone alone. Anywhere, even in the most modern society, it is possible to fall victim to and seriously ill. More than ever, we need to follow government guidelines for housing. in your home and don’t put anyone at risk. “

According to Buckingham Palace, the Prime Minister’s Office in Downing Street must regularly update Mr. Johnson’s health situation for Queen Elizabeth.

Mr. Johnson and the British Health Minister were both identified with Covid-19 late last month. Mr. Johnson’s partner, Carrie Symonds, 32 and pregnant, also had symptoms of Covid-19 but over the weekend she said her health had improved.

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